Horner: “With the engines, things happened that were not…”


Photo: Red Bull

there Is little to the Red Bull go out to track, to contest the pre-season 2016, with a Renault engine called TAG Heuer. Thus ended the saga that was his search for a unit of power, competitive, and in the who spent more of the things that came to light, according to Christian Horner. The director of the team energy drinks spoke to Motorsport about what happened, and was not surprised by the rejection: “I Think that there was much more than what appeared to the naked eye. In the summer there were a lot of discussions. There were agreements between people who later grumbled, and a large number of policies put into play. If you are a competitive team, then there is a clear conflict between that computer and a supplier of engines”.

Horner understands that, in a Formula 1 where the engine is vital, the two strongest teams would not want to share its potential with a rival: “The engines are the biggest differentiator in Formula 1, current: causes you to forget, in part, to the pilots and to the chassis. You can understand why Ferrari and Mercedes had no special interest in giving their greatest asset to a rival competitive. They tried to put it very, very difficult”. No cuts to speak of fear of the two large firms: “Our performance at Spa, in the middle sector, seemed to scare off some people when we negotiate with Mercedes, and Singapore seemed to scare off entirely to Ferrari. So yes, we could say that we are victims of our own success, but you have to keep fighting and you will get solutions”.

From the team four-time champion proposes to change the rules: Maybe the rules need to be revised. May not be fair that a group of manufacturers are able to meet and say that they are happy to see Red Bull up against the wall”. Thought that the highest organisms must come into play: “First we were offered power units of more than 30 million euros, then were not available and then there was a lot of difference between the best and the worst. That does not make it more exciting the race. That is why the FIA and the FOM have to reach a available engine more affordable and less technical”.

finally, Horner points to Toto Wolff as the main fault that your car does not carry propellant Mercedes: “Mateschitz was involved in the negotiations, and believed to have an agreement after his handshake with Lauda. He has always directed as well your business and your life. I’ve been at this long enough to not be surprised, because it is a very competitive business. Lauda made it more difficult and Toto is in charge of the Red Bull not to carry a Mercedes engine in the back”.