Horrible Car Scratch

car is dominated by scrapes and scratches tend to degrade picture attractive, sophisticated and robust body ?, from our blog of Motor we propose some solutions.

Cómo acabar con los arañazos del coche

illusion that overwhelms us when we bought our first vehicle is only comparable to that felt when our hands rub the wheel of our new traveling companion and stepping on the accelerator to start our journey by car to get to the desired destination.

But with the passage of time and carelessness, not only for us but also for liability insurance, our car can be scratched largely desmejorarán the idyllic picture we had of him on the Currently we bought it.

Tips to eliminate scratches

Many times and in the worst case these scratches can appear as if by magic art was, in a few days of buying our car, but what can we do about it? Depending on the damage as we speak, it is often enough to make use of certain products or home remedies before resorting to a workshop.

Consejos para acabar con los arañazos

If the damage is not very deep, can resolvernos ourselves with the help of some material. Among the various severities milder scratches would be the only damage paintwork or lacquer without going into our vehicle paint.

This type of damage can result from the rubbing of certain branches, bracelet or key rings when we opened the door. In these cases one deep cleansing based soap and warm water, accompanied by drying and waxed finish can help hide.

In addition to all this, we can also make use of products that help us to camouflage or quit presence of these ugly marks on the structure of our vehicles. From our blog Motor suggest using commerce Direct 3M , where, among other things, find special items care and customization of our car both paint, bodywork and high marking visibility and customize cars with vinyl.

Acabar con los arañazos por medio de productos 3M

Among other Professional 3M they offer in their online store items such as scavenging of surface scratches, fast wax and spray applied after each wash to dry, clean paint. Besides, we have a leather and vinyl restorer what terms, brighter and hydrates without leaving any residue. As cleaners wheels and tires to stop dust, grease and dirt, get a maximum brightness of tires, rims, hubcaps and radios, plus tape for customization and security of our vehicles.

With these products we destroy our scratches. tapes bodybuilder can help to identify the area that we will clean . Then removed scratch can apply a coat of paint, let dry and pour paint. When everything is dry, we will use microfiber cloth. As icing on the cake, we can also use a certain polish to end all dirt present.

 productos 3M

The store 3M Direct also we will find many other products that we can use, for example, housecleaning or accessories to our office. Also, there are suggestions of interest within Industry and Security and building cleaning, food safety, personal and high visibility protection or energy. In the latter must remember that 3M is a leader in innovative solutions for the electronics industry, electricity and telecommunications.


Direct 3M represents the leap that these professionals must approach the virtual world with the convenience and hassle every one of their innovative to our personal and professional level solutions .

What do you do you seem to think ?, products that are effective for killing scrape your car?

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