Hot rods, sand, oil and lots of fun: this is The Race of Gentlemen

The Race of Gentlemen is one of the year’s events in the United States. Although I did not get up to Pikes Peak or the Bonneville Speed ​​Week, compete on the sands of New Jersey in hot rods and bikes before World War II is as uninteresting, do not you think? culture alive and vibrant hot rod by oily hands and constant breakdowns, gasoline odor and cheap perfume. An exciting world surrounding this event, and what approach you today thanks to the magnificent photos of Lora Lein, who was there.

race-of-gentlemen-29 For a couple of days – last year in early October – every owner of hot rod that is worthy of the name should go to the Wildwood Beach . A great beach in the state of New Jersey, along the Atlantic Ocean.

race-of-gentlemen-5 For two days and two nights, they are held drag racing with cars and motorcycles modified , some of them nearly a century behind. There are garage queens are machines made to be ridden.

race-of-gentlemen-19 This event is organized by the Oilers Club, an amateur club to those classic irons that do nothing to lose and oil breakdown. But when you work them out to run, possibly the way their grandparents did decades. but not out, without shame, without fear .

race-of-gentlemen-7 Look at these two Ford Roadster early 30s dirty and tired after competing, but proud and defiant , exuding authenticity.

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race-of-gentlemen-11 Many biker clubs come to this meeting with bikes sometimes exceeding one hundred years old . In drag racing on sand there is a category specifically dedicated to bikes.

race-of-gentlemen-3 Although they have tens of years behind, these Harley-Davidson still catch all the eyes of motor racing fans every year are given appointment in Wildwood.

race-of-gentlemen-9 It is easy to imagine that this beach has barely changed in decades. It is in the same arena where he was born of the hot rod culture United States. Daytona Beach Not only does man live.

race-of-gentlemen-25 Walking through the streets of Wildwood is itself a show for motor enthusiasts during the days of The Race of Gentlemen. It is not so common to find – even in the United States -. Such amount as much class modified cars

race-of-gentlemen-21 The aesthetics pin-up is an intrinsic part of the hot-rod culture. Hairstyles impossible for them and tight clothes, leather jackets and lots of hair gel for them. For two days, Grease is real.

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race-of-gentlemen-12 The flames of this beautiful classic are real when you start your incendiary eight-cylinder vee.

race-of-gentlemen-14 In these very streets of coastal towns in New Jersey is where Bruce Springsteen forged his legend. If you close your eyes you can hear the legendary “Racing in the Street”.

race-of-gentlemen-20 The propellant is a flathead V8, with the plugs located on the side of the cylinder banks. It was a very common type of engine before the 60s of last century dates.

race-of-gentlemen-24 Although it was taken in October, this screams summer his lungs. Look at the roof of the white Ford cut. The driver sits on the floor practically.

race-of-gentlemen-26 Without the camera in your hands, this could easily have passed for a snapshot taken in 1955.

race-of-gentlemen-16 The accommodation of participants in The Race of Gentlemen could only mean different motels “seedy” by the sea.

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race-of-gentlemen-17 The streets of Wildwood surprise for The Race of Gentlemen. Even more than the event that happens in the sand.

race-of-gentlemen-18 Mindful upholstery “real leopard skin” This hot rod. No detail is missing pin up or an accelerator pedal foot-shaped, possibly taken from a guitar pedal. Just great.

This video summarizes quite adequately the spirit rock n ‘roll of The Race of Gentlemen, defiant and attractive unequivocal.

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With Lora Lein these great pictures .

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