How a diesel in europe to the Ford F-150? In Dearborn have not gone crazy

The market of diesel for the pick-up begins to awaken in the united States. Without taking into account the heavy-duty, and their huge diesel of eight cylinders, the oil begins to get to applications that are more modest. For example, the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon with the engine 2.8 Duramax four-cylinder or the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel with V6 turbo Italian. The next pick-up on mounting a diesel – for the first time in its history – will be the Ford F-150, and it will do it with a diesel of european origin. In Dearborn are not crazy.

What 2016 Ford F-150 PowerStroke V6? Yes, please

the US has lost the fear of the pick-up motor, with a turbo, even despite scandals such as the Dieselgate.

sales of the RAM EcoDiesel and the small Canyon and Colorado with a diesel engine have shown that a motor turbodiesel is an option very viable for those who want high doses of torque and consumption of content in a vehicle mainly for work. Ford has already “federalizado” the 3.2 PowerStroke five-cylinder and 200 HP for their Transit, and could be a engine of access interesting for the Ford F-150. According to Autoblog, however, the first diesel F-150 could be a source Jaguar-Land Rover.


Although the british group no longer has ties with Ford, their past links may have facilitated this technology transfer. The 3.0 V6 turbodiesel from Jaguar-Land Rover develops 211 HP in the veteran Discovery 4, to which a few months of shelf life remaining. Their versions SDV6 top of range reach the 300 HP in the case of some Jaguar, but possibly Ford opt for versions less tight with durability in mind. A recipe for high engine torque and to have sufficiently proven that in a few months could roll by US

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Source: Autoblog
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