How a Jaguar F-PACE coupe with three doors? And why not?

can You imagine a Jaguar F-PACE, with three doors? Contemplates these photographs. The designer Teophilus Chin has imagined the look that would have a Jaguar F-PACE-with-style coupé, one body-which a priori is not to be expected, but judging by these recreations computing would have a great pint. The key would be to lengthen the front doors and the rear later. In any case, what would be the F-PACE a good candidate to SUV three doors?

With 4.73 metres in length, the Jaguar F-PACE does not seem the most suitable to receive a body of this type, more appropriate for a SUV of compact dimensions of the group Jaguar-Land Rover, as the Range-Rover Evoque (4.36 meters), which is a three-door version. it Is difficult to think that Jaguar will extend the possibilities of the F-PACE with a three-door, a body that itself would be interesting in a model smaller than the F-PACE and that at the moment there seems to be among the priority plan of Jaguar, which already has well-covered that field with the best-seller of the group, his brother the Evoque.


  • In any case, it seems interesting to view the outcome of this re-creation of Teophilus Chin, don’t you think?

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