How a Volkswagen Polo like this for the next generation?

Volkswagen Polo 2017 recreaciónThe current Volkswagen Polo you are, as a lot, two or three years in the market as we know it. The new generation is brewing and should appear in 2017 or 2018 with a new look, new technology and a renewed range of mechanical. While we wait, we cast an eye to the Volkswagen Polo 2017 with a first recreations to bring us closer to its future design.

Is Theophilus Chin in charge of giving life to these recreations that show a Polo shirt with the new face of the range Volkswagen, a face that has a lot to do with the Golf or the new Passat. In fact based on that design to create a car somewhat more shy and subdued than the current generation. Will have to see if Volkswagen maintains that philosophy in their upcoming releases. Its biggest attraction will be, presumably, their technology.

Volkswagen Polo 2017 recreaciónThe front wins a larger lighthouses, headlights that continue the shape of the fine calender where a chrome puts a limit on the top. The side is simple and there is a simple waistline upward that ends in the rear, the only way to give muscle to a utility that does not want to be any prize to the fineness of styles.

behind is just as simple and, again, the pilots of large size are the stars in this sample. Lose the verticality by a complete and is composed of two parts, a in the body and another in the tailgate. The result is simply attractive, without a large dressing or prowess in the table design, just what you expect in a suv of Volkswagen.

Although we do not know how will be the interior, it is expected that you update your design to have the driver of most technological gadgets. And with this I mean a better screen size, touch and with a system able to keep us connected through our smartphone. We cannot rule out that the dashboard appear for the first time in the Polo.

The range of engines will be updated and we will have a variety of mechanical three-and four-cylinder, diesel and gasoline. The main novelty could come from a hypothetical although very likely hybrid variant. Could come in the format of sports like the Golf GTE, or as a hybrid conventional. In any case, there is still much time to get to know him and in 2016 we should outline a few first details.

Source – Theophilus Chin

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