How about a Porsche 911 as a car driving school?

Porsche 911 autoescuelawe All remember those moments in which we put behind the wheel of the car driving school preparing to deal with the dreaded practical exam. Typically these vehicles tend to be simple and inexpensive. Of a reduced size for easy maneuvering and engine little powerful for the student to be able to control his delivery, without much effort.

But, what if one day when you’re going to give your class you find yourself with a brand-new Porsche 911? The same situation happens in the video that we bring you, where a few students from a driving school French will face this great challenge. The reactions are worth seeing. One of the most eye-catching it is when students open the bonnet striker wanting to access the motor and find the trunk.


Other details of funny is given to the time of start, since the students are searching for the slit to put the key to the right of the steering wheel (where usually other vehicles), and the instructor will edit “on a Porsche is always on the left”. Some desperately searched for the clutch pedal, because they were unaware that the 911 takes the automatic change PDK of double clutch and seven speeds.

engine power bóxer of six cylinders and 3.0 liters to point is of playing a bad pass. In a roundabout 370 horses desbocan to a control bit careful of the accelerator pedal and gives rise to a drift which is eventually controlled. sudden acceleration and braking sharp also will be the protagonists, in addition to a problem in the parking lot.

This video in the format of a hidden camera this is a campaign of the brand of Stuttgart to promote the Porsche Experience Center Le Mans. The manufacturer encourages owners and non-owners to visit this place, which is the most ideal to learn how to properly handle a Porsche.

Source – Porsche

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