How about a Skoda Kodiaq Coupe? Is in the plans of the brand

Nuevo Skoda KodiaqSkoda is back in the center of the rumors and this time is not for the future of its variants sports RS. According to our colleagues from Auto Express, the top executives of the company Czech have stated that a Skoda Kodiaq Coupe has been approved for its development and subsequent marketing in the old continent.

be certain, the brand belonging to the Volkswagen Group leave aside, by this time, their main bases of practicality and great habitability; a formula that has worked very well for several years now. As Skoda has accustomed us precisely to these vehicles really spacious and practical, we supposed to a surprise that decides to enter the competitive segment SUV silhouette of the coupé with the Skoda Kodiaq Coupe.

Nuevo Skoda Kodiaq“The SUV coupé is a derivation wonderful. We’re going to make the brand to be even more emotional”, stated Bernhard Maier, CEO of the brand. What is certain is that Skoda had already authorized the development of a Kodiaq with aesthetic coupe for the chinese market, but we did not expect that arriesgaran in sell it in Europe, where the majority of these vehicles belong to Premium brands. However, in the ranks of Skoda wonder where it will produce, as they currently have a wide range of vehicles and absence by landing the new Skoda Yeti.

If this project materializes, we can expect a similar aesthetic to that of the Skoda Kodiaq while introducing a few rasgI slightly more sporting, and a roof collapse more soft. In any case, will be positioned as aor the SUV coupe with the best space in your car, although it would lose the possibility of the 7-seater and, in theory, would reduce the space in height for the squares later. Even so, it presumably would be more extensive and would have a higher load capacity than their more direct rivals.

Source – Auto Express