How are you like your mobile’s screen and the windshield of the Ford GT?

The screens of some smartphones – each time more – are built in Gorilla Glass. It is a kind of special glass, manufactured by the company glass Corning in the USA This glass is extremely durable, and at the same time, lightweight. Currently, BMW used in the rear window of the i8. Ford was assessing his use of massive form, looking for a necessary weight savings. Ford has announced that the windshield of the new Ford GT will be manufactured in a hybrid of tempered glass and Gorilla Glass.

car makers increasingly are going far to save a few pounds, in the pursuit of energy efficiency.

Although the pieces of glass resulting would be more expensive, also what would be more light. The application of this crystal in the automotive industry is anecdotal due to its cost, but its combination with films of conventional glass would keep the costs at bay, reducing the weight of the parts considerably. The Ford GT is a showcase of technology from Dearborn for the next few years, a car that, despite still not having reached production, has enthralled us with its design and legacy.

All-New Ford GT

Will be the first car in brand-new a windshield composed of a hybrid of tempered glass and Gorilla Glass. Specifically, will be built in three layers: an outer layer of conventional glass annealing, an intermediate layer of thermoplastic with absorption of sounds, and an inner layer of Gorilla Glass. A windshield normally has a thickness of about 6 millimeters, and the windshield of the Ford GT has a thickness of between 3 mm and 4 mm Is between 25% and 50% thinner, in addition to a 32% lighter.

A car such as the Ford Mondeo could be up to 10-15 pounds lighter if all of its crystals were hybrids.

This combination of crystals will also be used on the glass that covers the engine. On the whole, is saving 5 pounds of weight. It is a low savings, but we must keep in mind that the GT is a car with little glass area. A conventional car such as the Ford Mondeo could lose weight up to 15 kilos with a diet of Gorilla Glass. Although the Ford GT is the showcase of this technology, future products Ford’s iran implementing this type of hybrid crystal and the economies of scale iran, reducing the individual cost.

All-New Ford GT

The same thing happened with the carbon fiber BMW. Started with the i8 and i3, and now the 7 Series has as part of its chassis composed of an alloy of carbon fiber and plastic polymers. economies of scale will make the future 5-Series also have a similar structure, and in a few years, you will come to the brands generalists. The next time you touch the screen of your phone – maybe in this very moment – think that you are touching the future of the glass surfaces in the automotive industry.

Source: Ford
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