How complex of a Lamborghini? This is the accessory to definite to do not go unnoticed as you get off of your MINI

MINI adds a new and unique extra to your range of accessories, some doors opening to the vertical willing to make the process of losing and gaining your MINI is everything but discreet, with the aim of facilitating the opening-up in those parking lots at which the space is reduced.

1,959 euros. This would be the price of these particular doors, available for the entire range (imagine a MINI Clubman with all the gates raised) if we were not faced with a new joke April fools’ day.

what we didn’t have enough with the MINI Hipster?

Each of April 1, the british firm is a regular in this of the jokes. This year have been these doors and the version hipster MINI but we can not forget jokes like that MINI fully chrome-plated or the MINI Paceman GoalCooper.

Gallery of images of the MINI with the doors opening to the vertical: