How could DS be developing a rival for the BMW i8?

DS E-Tense Concept

DS, the signature premium of the French group PSA (Peugeot, Citroën and DS) lately is to amaze us more than we expected. The DS 7 Crossback, it seems that it will be a success, and if the rumors that are heard by the collective of the network they are on track, in the French house could be preparing very large things. The French house has already presented E-Tension Concept a coupé electric than if you had mounted a combustion engine of the fat, it might have been quite annoying to several premium brands.

Finally DS E-Tense Concept stayed as a mere escaparáte technology. However, we could be much closer to having a model with its features in the market. These days will be a year that debuted this model at the Geneva motor show, and now that it becomes closer to the realization of this important room, there have been rumors that here we bring to you. According to several sources, the signature luxury of PSA could be developing a rival to the all-powerful BMW i8.

DS E-Tense Concept

These rumors cite a few reports that talk the possibility that PSA is thinking of creating a super sports car hybrid to compete directly against the BMW i8. The E-Tense Concepts was a car functional, since its electric motors were working perfectly. Therefore, we would have that the brand could use to base your powerplant and the basic features of its design to give life to this vehicle.

To give life to this model, the PSA Group could pull of the agreements with the companies Exagon Motors, Investissement Quebec and the subsidiary Hydro-Québec IndusTech. With them is carrying out research to develop components for electric vehicles of high performance. Of these agreements, we do not yet know the progress, but going in the right direction we may soon have news about engines and power.

Will have to see if the Group PSA dares to say something in the living Room of Geneva, or if on the contrary we have to wait more time until you have news.