How could Jeep to launch SUV below Renegade? That seems to

The phenomenon of the SUVs did not stop growing and cannibalize the segments traditional that we knew about until today. Launched commercially launched in the same space occupied by the compact traditional and gradually have extended to both ends of the market. Jeep is one of the brands that best art for the manufacture of jeeps and SUVs, however, it is paradoxical that is not already present in several segments where their rivals (non-specialists) roam free.

The current range of the signature american extends from the Renegade to the Grand Cherokee, but in terms of segments, referred to only occupies the B, C and D. In their product plan included the Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer, with the that give the replica to the Mercedes-Benz a-Class GLS or Audi Q5. However, it seems that also would have on the way a new model that is not located as high, but that would be the one that would open up the range of the brand.

The segment that we would be talking about would be the, which is integrated by the urban micro. The arrival on the market of the Jeep Renegade (segment B) was a turning point for the brand sales at the global level, so have a model of access could mean another real success. In addition, with arrival may enter markets where suvs and large SUVs are against taxation.

For the development of this model could borrow the same platform, range mechanics and all-wheel drive system that gives life to the Fiat Panda 4×4. The micro urban Italian is one of the best in the market in terms of capabilities off-road, something that would fulfill perfectly the model of Jeep. In addition, their development costs would be minimal, because the platform is more than amortized, providing the Jeep a good economic return per unit sold.

If finally Jeep dares to launch this model the own Panda 4×4 and Suzuki Jimny would see his reign jeopardized. For now it is not confirmed, but rumors point to it and have all the logic. So soon, the next launch of the brand will be the replacement of the Wrangler, which will be presented in the Hall of los Angeles in December of this year.

Source – Automotive News

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