How could the end of a lunar roving vehicle for NASA’s abandoned in a backyard in Alabama?

Thanks to Motherboard (Vice) we learned about the story of a lunar roving vehicle, a transport designed in the years of the Apollo mission to the tasks of exploration in our beloved natural satellite. In those years, the NASA created a few vehicles, among them the most famous, the one that illustrates this entry, the one used in the Apollo mission 15, 16 and 17, who came to travel nearly 100 kilometres – along the three missions and crossings individual above 20 kilometers. Something simply awesome. But how could finish a vehicle so abandoned?

of Course, the vehicles that they carried out their missions on the Moon did not return to our planet. But in those years, the NASA worked with different prototypes to get to the final design, some of which never would come logically to have his chance at the Moon. According to some documents of the NASA, that vehicle could have ended in Alabama with the goal of being dismantled and destroyed.

really, how was that a target suitable for a piece of art, a reflection of that golden age of space exploration?


later, the owner currently keeps in the backyard of his home a lunar roving vehicle, is put in contact with the Motherboard to confirm that the vehicle still would not have been destroyed and would have an appearance similar to that of the vehicle you see above (its original state in black-and-white, and in color the image that its owner would have been provided to Motherboard). The present owner recalls how a client gave this piece, which apparently would have purchased at auction, and conscious of the bit of history that I had decided not to destroy it and preserve it.

Its owner now plans to sell it, probably to someone who will actually value the importance of these vehicles and what was the maelstrom of space exploration in those years.

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