How Dacia check the brake in Europe?


The next week Dacia will face a change in your dome, retiring from the position of CEO mr Nicolas Maure in favor of Yves Caracatzanis. The new executive, hardened by Renault, has the challenge of not losing the bellows of Dacia in the european market. Sell more, but lose share.

In 2015 it is sold, combining the European Union with the countries of EFTA, a 9.1% more cars in 2014. However, Dacia grew only 5.1%, so that their piece of cake decreased from 3.7% to 2.7%.

One of the causes that explain the slowdown is the own product range. There was a moment recently in which Dacia was presumed to have the range fresh from the market, with almost all its models fresh or newly updated, but a few years weigh so much as in a modern car. Now the problem is the reverse, their cars are already very seen, and some clients will escape to other brands.


The Dacia Duster begins to accuse his veteran status, with an increase of sales in 2015 of “only” 1.8% in the past year. We are talking about the third SUV the most sold in the world in 2014, which is said soon. Is more, the Duster has a weight of almost a third of the sales of Dacia, so that if the Duster slack down, the brand as a whole is aware of the problem.

we Expect the replacement in 2017, and so far we know this about him:

Basically, expect a completely new model that benefits from the improvements of the new platform of the Renault group Nissan, the CMF.

we must Also analyze the time in which we find ourselves. Europe returns, slowly, to normal, and the markets grow in enrolments without the need for an economic stimulus -except Spain, where they still persist. Now it is possible to spend a little more joy.


The range Dacia began with an approach that is eminently essential in 2005. In fact, it was thought more for the immigrant population or low-income. But the facts were reacting to Dacia, was becoming a success of the middle class. Little by little, Dacia had to climb up in terms of qualities or equipment.

right Now Dacia offers “luxuries” such as steering wheel leather bovine, browser or Bluetooth connectivity, unthinkable in its range 2005. And the majority of cars sold are not as “frayed” as the Base versions. If you want to recover ground, you should raise a little more their ambitions, and to reach customers with more money.

Even the advertising of Dacia has been oriented to the smart buy, anything superfluous, such as a piece of the Duster in which a couple does not to purchase it because they can’t spend so little. Maybe it is time to change that mentality.

Not only is the renewal of the Duster, but expand the range of models. Right now it consists of the subcompact Sandero, the compact sedan Logan, the SUV Duster and the mpv Lodgy and the commercial Dokker. Larger cars can help you gain a fee. For the moment, we do not expect to reach the Kwid -smaller – to Europe.

Dacia will be working on improving the brand awareness among the public, not only focusing on the low price as leitmotif. They also claim that people are more aware of your range, and value if it fits with your lifestyle, in addition to the budget.

The same formulas do not work for an indefinite time

anyway, Dacia has always sold more than the previous year, except in 2011. Therefore, we speak of nine exercises to rise the sales of a total of 10. The forecast for 2016 is also growing, but more shy. In 2017, the new Duster should speed up the sales a bit.