How do I choose the Spanish client a second-hand car?

To the Spanish customers still costs them to rely on sellers of second-hand cars, but some new alternatives seem to offer a solution.

Vendedor-coches-segunda-manoTas is the case in many parts of the world, to the Spanish clients find it difficult to rely on sellers of second-hand cars. Is that the decision of buying a used car is very different to that of a new one, since the buyer must be attentive to many issues related to the state of the vehicle and to tell you the truth the sellers of second-hand cars have a bad fame in the collective imaginary.

however, there are some alternatives novel as offering second-hand cars is Hertz Rent2Buy, which is not more than the area of sales of the fleet of vehicles, Hertz. The interesting thing is that the buyer has the possibility to test the vehicle for 5 days before you buy, using the income system. That way the potential buyer has the possibility of renting the car for five days in order to try it out and examine it thoroughly, with a methodology that contrasts with the usual test drive of another type of systems of sale.

through your website, have launched a survey in which consumers express their opinion about this system of buying second hand cars. The measurement indicates that 55 percent of respondents would take into account the possibility of acquiring a second-hand vehicle and taking into account that one of the key points when buying a car with some miles to slopes is related to the search of information, the survey asked about which are the sources of information used by the possible buyers.

In this sense, a 57 percent of users indicated that the query through the internet is the medium of choice to know the opinions of other people, as well as experts on the topic. Other views taken into account by the users are the recommendations of mechanics of confidence, with a 44.4 per cent and the valuation of experiences of family members or friends with a 36.5 per cent.

The survey sheds in addition to other fun facts, as 47 percent of respondents demonstrated little convinced to buy a second-hand car is fundamentally not to rely on the sellers. In addition to the 51 per cent of the potential buyers were assured that they would like to be able to do a driving test in which it at least could walk about 50 kilometres away.

it Is clear that buying a car of a few years carries certain risks and that is just something that potential buyers are aware of. There is where it points to this system that seems to offer some benefits, with respect to other systems of sell more traditional. In the following infographic you can see the result of that survey.