How do you feel a motor 14.2 V8 source Scania to a pick-up Chevrolet?

We love Sweden. Not only is its gastronomy, or the meatballs from Ikea, we talk about one of the richest countries in the world in culture automotive terms. In Sweden they love to do engine swaps with american classics, as well as create preparations the most crazy. For example, the case that today about us. A pick-up Chevrolet of u.s. origin, in whose interior is mounted a giant V8 turbodiesel 14.2 litres from a truck Scania. Like what you hear.

What is important is not its power of 400 HP, is a torque higher than 1500 Nm.

For the massive engine, possibly near a ton of weight to fit in the interior of the pick-up have made many modifications. pick-up only retains some of the original panels. Its chassis has been completely modified and reinforced at all levels, and the bodywork has been widened to tens of centimeters for the V8 simply fit. We imagine that the gearbox in this beast also has been modified, or is directly the same as the truck-mounted source.

What follows is a show of burning rubber, but one of the most silent that we remember. It is not the soundtrack of a V8 in full voice roaring in the background, just kind of a dull hum while the turbo makes the gigantic rear wheels in white smoke. That is, take some time to get the point, but when the driver manages to induce the appropriate force to the accelerator is lifted a curtain of white smoke as the would like to SWAT.

Source: Jalopnik
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