How do you recognize that? What you see is the first Audi Q2 coming out of the factory (+images)

July 1, 2016. While many are already fleeing the heat, and many other end to do the suitcase and think because in the holidays, in Ingolstadt, in the factory of Audi, the work not only does not stop but increases, and how, to start producing the first units of a product with the possibility of best-seller, the Audi Q2. Officially has started the series production of the Audi Q2, something that always puts to the test in a factory, and a challenge, by the number of problems that still have to solve the engineers to get the production to stabilize, and then comply with the objectives of the assembly line. View pictures, and all about the Audi Q2 2016.


I Already said that the Audi Q2 will be produced in Ingolstadt, unlike the other models, like the Audi Q3, have been manufactured in factories outside the borders of germany, the latter more specifically in Martorell, in the facilities of the SEAT. See video of the Audi Q2.

The Audi Q2 shares the assembly line with the Audi A3, as well as body shop, paint lines and assembly. Ingolstadt, besides being the headquarters of Audi, home to the largest factory of the brand of the four rings in all the world, and is one of the largest factories, in volume production, throughout Europe. The last year closed a production of 566.646 units and produces the full range Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A5 and Audi Q5. Ingolstadt out a car every 30 seconds, or, what is the same, more than 2,500 cars per day.


about the Audi Q2, according to the brand itself the goal is to increase production gradually to reach about 450 units per day. That means that this new model of Audi could well become one of the most sold brand of the four rings. Especially if we consider that the versatility of the assembly line, shared with the Audi A3, it would ensure that production could still be increased significantly to meet greater demand.

Recall that the Audi Q2, in addition to position itself in the segment of fashion, the crossover, and the crossover more compact, you will enjoy an attractive price, similar, or lower, to that of an Audi A3. See the price of Audi Q2 in Germany.

The next week will prove it. Be very attentive to motor to read our first impressions of a product that, as a minimum, has earned our attention.

Source: Audi