How has the fashion the outputs of exhaust pipe fake?

Llamadnos purists. But we don’t usually like to get a car to use aesthetic solutions that will not respond to a practical functionality obvious, or even seek to deceive us with visual tricks. That is why when we see some gills on the fins look to make sure whether behind there is a grid, for example to facilitate the flow of air through the rim and the brakes. That is why it hurts us to see how many cars used exhaust outlets fake, which are becoming more common, and that we even find in the best of families. This sort of trompe l’oeil modern is becoming more present in modern cars. But why insist the marks on fool us with exhaust outlets fake?

We want to hire aggressive, with dramatic visual, and that is easy to achieve with defenses daring and breadsticks large exhaust and chrome-plated. But the search for the aesthetic often contrasts with what is practical and functional.

The key reason why employing this type of exhaust outlets is not other than the aesthetics. We want flashy cars, with an aggressive design, and with some aesthetic touches, especially in the defenses, that is easy to get. Tinkering as a way of escape thick, and chrome, or a good diffuser. And that is precisely where practical, and functional, it collides with the aesthetic.

Is very frequently quoted the example of the new Mercedes C-Class, the same as we already used when we speak of the 9 fashion design useless, that should disappear from the automotive world.


In the image above, we see as in a Mercedes Class C 300 Bluetec Hybrid has attempted to deceive our eyes with a chrome that tries to resemble what could be two exhaust outlets.

tubo-de-escape-falso-06In other Mercedes C-Class integration is more successful, but still enough to pay attention to what is hidden behind the chrome to realize that such an escape route does not exist. In reality is behind the bumper, and oriented towards the ground. While it is true that the practical function of this chrome does not exist, the target exhaust outlets towards the asphalt makes sense, especially in the diesel. Although modern diesel equip sophisticated systems to catch and to reduce the solid particles, it is true that we still find vehicles with diesel engines in which the accumulation of soot on the rear dirty soon the body of our car. It is something that is especially noticeable in paint finishes light, especially white. To guide the exhaust toward the ground to mitigate this undesirable effect.

tubo-de-escape-falso-03In other cases, behind the chrome yes there is an exhaust outlet, although smaller than the outer frame.

tubo-de-escape-falso-07The most common case is precisely that. A manufacturer wants to design your car to enjoy one or two exhaust outlets with capricious forms, for example an oval, or a trapezoid, and that aesthetic solution generally breaks down its practical function. The most recent case we found it in the new SEAT Ibiza Cupra, as the new Volkswagen Polo GTI uses a line of exhaust with a dual output (the Polo GTI to your left, and the Ibiza Cupra in the center). To add dramatic visual to the rear diffuser SEAT turned to a chrome trapezoidal, in which there are two breadsticks escape real.


I Already said that this happens even in the best of families, and neither the sporting of them are saved of it. Is what happened to us when testing the Audi RS5 Coupe and find that after their precious exhaust outlets oval in reality had two exhaust outlets (two on each side) smaller.

The first photo that illustrates this post, by the way, is the test of the Volkswagen Passat to my partner Mario Herraiz.