How has the Volkswagen case of Internet searches SEAT and Volkswagen?

Hundreds of thousands of readers have reported in this means of Volkswagen case . I will recognize you rarely an issue generates such a large scope in a web theme like this. And the reasons why we have reached this point are varied. We think that is a problem that affects hundreds of thousands of users in Spain. One issue that has also transcended the interest generated in the automotive sector. One issue that after the initial shock of the case uncovered in the United States, came to lead national news programs and generate concern customers, general public and workers in certain regions, such as Navarre and Catalonia (now clarify this point). And proof of this is to look at the Google Trends statistics , so check how stakeholders have launched the search for information on the Internet these days.

The evolution of searches of Volkswagen, SEAT , Audi and Skoda in Google is due to the media interest that promptly generated some news about the case of fraud of TDI .

From those hundreds of thousands of readers who have come to motor to inquire fraud Volkswagen, a part came from Google, along with other usual sources of traffic like those stories that you shared in your social networks, or even via Whatsapp (did you know that you can follow the last minute motor via Whatsapp?).

Suffice out the top chart to get an idea of ​​how Google searches during the days jumped the scandal soared (the graph shows the last 30 days). The upward trend begins the weekend of September 19 (The EPA Volkswagen accuses US of anti-pollution falsify the test half a million cars), peaks with the confirmation of the affected models around the world (see list of vehicles and engines TDI Volkswagen Group affected by the scandal Dieselgate) and picks up again following the announcement that Volkswagen and other Group brands have opened a hotline to serve customers (List of vehicles and engines TDI Volkswagen Group affected by the scandal Dieselgate).

google-trends-fraude-volkswagen-04 Nonetheless, the data provided by Google Trends remain statistics on a given sample. Google analyzes absolutely all searches that gets its famous search engine, Google only analyzes a percentage of the searches carried out on certain terms . So those little requested terms do not appear in its Trends tool. Google also eliminates duplicates (quantified and searches that are performed by the same user).

Google also makes an adjustment of the searches based on geographic location and a range a scale of 0 to 100, on which the interest of a term in a defined region. That is, in Catalonia finding SEAT has a coefficient 99 and Galicia 100, does not mean that occurred the same searches in both regions, but in comparative terms, the interest generated in both regions It is very similar.

google-trends-fraude-volkswagen-01 Curiously this data. First, to see that in the last week SEAT has generated much interest in Galicia. The most obvious thing, in my opinion, is that Catalonia is present with 99. Obviously coefficient the case of Volkswagen, and the implications it may have for SEAT , they have generated much interest around Barcelona , the importance of the Martorell plant for their workers (and workers of auxiliary enterprises serving SEAT ).

google-trends-fraude-volkswagen-02 With Volkswagen a very similar case occurs. Navarra is the region that has more interest, according to their searches in Google, about the situation of Volkswagen . Obviously the presence of factories of the brand in this region.

Interesting, is not it?

Source: Google Trends
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