How is a car dealer in North Korea

North Korea and South Korea are like night and day, especially if we see satellite pictures of the night. In the communist dictatorship, almost no one has cars, but there are dealers. In the video we can see how is a licensee of Pyeonghwa Motors in the capital, Pyongyang.

apparently this is the only? manufacturer national that produces under license cars of the brands Brilliance and Fiat, which stopped production in 2012. Probably was due to lack of customers.

The video was filmed by a tourist, Eric Tseng, who is convinced that the people you see at the dealer are nothing more than actors that follow a role, as they are not actually doing anything. The cars are pristine, with all the plastics from the factory. Tseng was led, as all the tourists through a guided tour and with “nanny”. Possibly those cars take years there.