How is Ford preparing a new Mustang Shelby GT350 along with the new GT500?


The mysterious prototype of the Mustang Shelby GT350.

The project Mustang Shelby GT500 is not no secret, it’s been several times that I have shown test units camouflaged model in the vicinity of the company’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. This new version should be filed as soon as next year, once it has come to the market the new Mustang 2018, in theory, replacing the current range Shelby GT350, which precisely has not received any changes for 2018.

Up to now, all the media we have taken for fact, the new Shelby GT500 is culminating its development and will be the more powerful variant of the Mustang launched never by the brand, so it will give the succession to the current GT350, a version with marked orientation to the track of the Mustang and that only a small leap of power with regard to the new Mustang V8 of the range regular. The reason?, because until now, Ford has never marketed the GT500 along with the GT350.

Summarize the history of the Shelby Mustang is a task tired complex, since not only extends from the mid-sixties until our days, but has the particularity of have been two companies responsible for these models. In some cases both companies worked together, as happened with the origin of the model, reaching Ford even done with the control of manufacturing operations in the own facilities of Shelby in California, as was the case at the end of the decade of the sixties. However, in other not, and both companies have come to cast models and versions independently, using the name Shelby under license in the case of Ford, without the company of Carroll Shelby in connection with these projects.

The prototype has features already seen on the new GT500.

so it is not simple to establish a timeline to determine the relationship of both companies in the different versions released in the last 50 years. We find cases in which they have been the responsibility exclusively to Ford, in other Shelby’s and also the which have been a joint work, with a greater or lesser degree of collaboration of both companies. In some occasions, as now, are a product 100% Ford, but in others, we find ourselves as Shelby has collaborated with its manufacture or development. But what we’re not going to find, in recent times, is the coexistence of both versions at the dealers official Ford.

in Response to the unit that appears in the images, despite the fact that the reports of our partners on the ground indicate that we’re before the first prototype seen of the new Shelby GT350, some of the few visible features remind us precisely to the prototypes that we analyzed in the future GT500.

The set of wheels, of enormous size and hidden behind a cover, are very similar to riding a prototype seen in the past month of may. And if it does not have to be exclusive to the GT500, by its enormous dimensions, 20-inch on the front axle, remind us greatly of the prototype of the GT500. Behind find of new 4 exhaust outlets, very similar to what we have seen in the prototypes and mules of the GT500, but by their forms and size seem to be mere elements of provisional, used only for development testing.

Ago we are 4 exhaust outlets.

The body is completely cloaked, but this is the aspect that most makes us doubt that we are at a GT500, so shows a configuration well-differentiated with respect to the prototypes seen up to now, which had a bumper visibly more bulky. In this case, it is clear that it has the new features to debut the Mustang facelift but without the volume and the aggressive forms of the GT500.

detail very eye-catching of these images is the Porsche 911 GT3 that came in the path of the prototype. To serve the purpose of comparison to the Ford engineers, there is only a version of the Mustang that you can have this version of the German model for target, and that is the Shelby GT350. The only Mustang really oriented to the track.

so to explain this prototype we have only two possible options, , or actually we’ll see a replacement for the GT350 current sharing dealer with the GT500, or are we facing a strange comparison test of the Ford a rare prototype of a future GT500.