How is the autonomous car of the psa Peugeot Citroën that is touring Spain?


The autonomous car PSA Peugeot Citroën Group is in these moments walking the last few miles that separate him from his goal Madrid and will be remembered as the first autonomous car that has travelled the roads of our country.

The model in question is based on the Citroën Grand C4 Picasso which has a detection sensor hands-on, a camera tracking driver to the pair man-machine interface intuitive that it was developed at the exit point of this route, in Galicia.

Components of the autonomous vehicle


  • GPS navigation System : in Addition to calculating the route provides information to the vehicle about the speed limits of each segment.
  • Radar front and rear: Radars 77GHz that can scan the environment of the car and are able to detect other vehicles and the speed at which they circulate. This function is also supported by laser scanner.
  • Cameras covering a circumference of 360 ° around the car that also detect vehicles in the vicinity of the same.
  • Switchboard guiding electronic: Is in charge of controlling the car, to interpret all the information collected by the sensors, to perform all the necessary calculations and give the orders to the car making sure that everything’s working correctly.

Within the range of self-contained, the vehicle controls the perimeter longitudinal and lateral of the same. The driver does not exert any action on the steering wheel or the pedals though, for safety reasons, always you can take full control of the vehicle to disable the function of driving autonomously.

The technology that has the vehicle is ranked with the Level 2 automation, which is able to circulate in sections of motorway, dual carriageway or fast track. For the moment seems not suitable for driving on urban environments and have focused for driving in stretches, monotonous.

This vehicle is the result after three years of research of which carried out tests in a closed circuit from 2014.