How is the new car from Google (Google Self-Driving Car)

The most famous search engine on the Internet has unveiled a prototype car that leads only and called Google Self-Driving Car . The car missing wheel and has no brake and accelerator pedal. Let’s see how it is.

Cómo es el coche de Google (Google Self-Driving Car)

So far, Google has always revealed his progress in the development of cars with conventional models custom software Google. But the new design brings good news. The drive is automatically and does not allow a passenger intervention or take control of the car.

Features Google Self-Driving Car

Google Self-Driving the car is a electric prototype , has only two seats, is small and very compact. The most striking aspect is its great futuristic touch.

Google claims that it has developed the model considering security as a top concern, and has plans to build about 100 prototypes to start trying this summer. According words in Google project manager, Chris Urmson, “ are not going to have a steering wheel, gas pedal or brake pedal, because they do not need. Our software and sensors do all the work “.

The only qe be physical interaction between passengers and the car is the Start button along with another that allows the passenger to make an emergency stop. Besides the car checked by a mobile application that allows the user to select the final destination of the trip.

The company already announced project in 2010 and in 2012 introduced the system in a Toyota Prius changed. But it was not until last May, when he showed his first prototype vehicle, and now, finally an improved version where we can see a real estate aesthetics.

According to a statement through their profile of Google, has made various prototypes of self-driving car, one for each function (brakes, sensors, cameras, etc.) and in the year 2015 will be tested in the streets of Northern California.

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