How is the new Ferrari F1 SF15 T

The 2015 Formula 1 World to be prepared and now is when we begin to know how they will be cars of the teams. In the case of team based in Maranello, we have data how will the new Ferrari SF15 T . It is more linear line without slide last year, plus it has increased. Ferrari has chosen everything possible length that allowed the regulation, with 14 inches behind the wing.

Cómo es el nuevo Ferrari SF15 T para F1

Advance the new Ferrari F1 T SF15

Was via its official Twitter account where Ferrari has revealed the name of the new car. The new name car SF15-T refers to the brand (Scuderia Ferrari), the last two digits of the year (15) and the tube motor (T). Sebastian Vettel will be responsible for attempting to return success to the team with Kimi Raikkonen.

The Maranello opted pull-rod system in the front suspension after the departure of Fernando Alonso. But if changes are observed in the same, with their own and leave more space between them and profiled elements.

to snout seen a sharp decline, the lower and more voluminous. The spoiler is very elaborate, with multiple aircraft and air intakes for the front brakes are quite large. Wide wheelbase and slightly less than last year compact behind is appreciated.

The upper air inlet are equal in size, while a redesign seen in the dimensions of the pontoons. Tensions Alfa Romeo logo on pontoons and the arrival of Telcel, hand Esteban Gutiérrez.

In short, they make important changes in the new car. It will have a larger pipe to batteries with higher capacity and slightly larger radiator cooling behind

As far aesthetics are concerned, it SF15-T is one of the most possibly pretty with their long, slender nose protruding from the wing, and a more compact rear cars.

Ferrari been leaked that the new car is much better than last year from aerodynamic standpoint, , and this may help you regain success on the pitch. Although the various technical departments know that this year may still be difficult. Anyway, they are putting all their work and dedication to go back to being a competitive team in the shortest possible time.

Avance del nuevo Ferrari SF15 T para F1

With James Allison command of the technical department in Ferrari expect SF15-T re keep up the great rivals as sonMercedes and Red Bull to achieve victories and continue the development of this era with the teams riders Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen.

What T SF15 new Ferrari F1

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