How is the new Ford Ecosport

still do not know the new SUV Ford Ecosport , the latest in a sustainable and efficient mobility that combines the advantages of a quick, convenient and comfortable car with respect for the environment we find represented in this latest model of the popular US automaker, would you like to see in an exciting video ?, then read on.

Cómo es el nuevo Ford EcoSport

The maximum efficacy, safety and ominous machine are among the many factors that can better define the new skid SUV Ford will undoubtedly be the perfect lure for car enthusiasts, who cares not only reach their goals in the shortest possible time or the most comfortable, but not a negative impact on the natural environment, the main witness of our daily movements and victims of excesses we commit to board a vehicle .

Ford Ecosport shows his hand over effective and sustainable by incorporating a diesel engine 1, 5 liter and will allow you to save on fuel for a total of 4, 6 liters per 100 km, which has a 5-speed gearbox will bring the most out of our vehicles, while reducing CO2 emissions so that only 120 g / km, showing his more responsible with the surrounding nature side.

In addition to its efficiency and sustainable mobility precedents new models Ford Ecosport has unique LED headlights, SYNC connectivity with voice control, so you can manage in total comfort various functions related to the receipt of calls from mobile or the music you will hear throughout the journey. And thanks to its adaptation to the latest technology we can access some of the our favorite smartphone apps.

Now, through Ecosport Experience you know how it feels to travel aboard this unique model. You just need to upload an avatar, select the music that best suits your personal preference and accommodate you before enmprender a walk through the streets of Barcelona. This dreamlike experience will be recorded and can be shared. The award for the best represented in the granting of a model Ford Ecosport for a month, plus an exclusive account Spotify Premium .

What about you ?, what do you think the new model of the famous car company?

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