How is the race car of Fernando Alonso for the Indy 500?

Lateral del MClaren-Honda Andretti para la Indy

McLaren-Honda has prepared this car so Fernando Alonso can compete, and perhaps win, or at least fight for the victory in the legendary race of Indianapolis the Indy 500. The chosen color has been orange, the color of Woking take flirting from before the preseason in the ads that did of the new single-seater F1’s. The truth is that it is a precious car and we’ll see if it even more if you win in this race in the united States.

In this article we will try to analyze at a technical level what’s behind this car with the number 29 and that presents the same sponsors that the Formula 1 car as you can see in the pictures. As you may already know, the car will be registered under the famous and award-winning team Indy Mario Andretti. The technicians, mechanics and engineers sent by McLaren to make the americas united to the fabric of this american team might be a good combination victorious.

FRontal del McLaren Honda Indy

Alonso looking to win and forget a little of the disastrous Honda engine for the F1, and thus give some encouragement and hopes the team, or at least have fun. I want the Triple Crown! The sponsors appear to be happy, since they pay a good fee to be printed in the car so you do not get to spend beyond the Q2 and sometimes that not happen in the race… so be on the Indy with this structure also represents a relief for them. Collaterally also touted the F1 in the united States, something super important, and thank you from Liberty Media, the current owners.

For this to be possible it will use the chassis DW12 built by Dallara and that is approved for the entire grid, therefore, maximum equality in this sense. But the most important thing is that Honda does have a powerful engine and good for this competition. Let’s remember that Honda has great successes in the categories of american. In fact, of the engines present is the best, winning the Chevrolet in eleven editions since 2004 and also a Toyota, so japanese it seems that all the power that they lack in the F1 are delivering in the Indy…

Team Andretti Autosport Team McLaren-Honda
Chassis Aerodynamics Dallara DW12 (Approved)
Engine Honda twin-turbo V6 2.2 liters – Limited to 12,000 rpm with a tip speed of 370 km/h
Tires Firestone