How it sounds the BMW M2? Is it as beast as the M4? This video has the answer

I admit that I’m excited. Excited because we finally get a coupe very expected by all of us. A long time ago that we knew that the BMW M2 was on his way, and since then, we dreamed of the sport that we could bring the touch of sportiness, the touch of madness, which lacked in in a coupe that we love, the BMW M235i. And here we are. A sports coupe with the perfect size, the BMW M2 2016, with more than enough power (370 HP), with a six-cylinder engine supercharged and ready to show us why it is very likely that this sport will be the true spiritual heir of the M3 E30 and even the BMW 2002 turbo. And the million dollar question is the following, how is your sound?

370 HP of muscle and a lot of aluminum: the BMW M2 Coupe is the new baby of the family M

We have to be very cautious when listening to the sound of a car in a video. First, because the decibels reached can never be seen well in a recording, and even the notes that it issues can vary greatly depending on the playback equipment that we use. But even more so by the fact that sound also is very conditioned by the recording equipment that is used.

In the BMW M4, although the sound was higher and more outrageous than in the BMW M3 precedent with its V8 engine, you may have lacked in that naturalness of an eight-cylinder in vee. The M4 has a sound that combines the notes from the admission, with the roar of the exhaust line and a few petardeos more than noticeable. We are not surprised that the BMW M2, based on the same six in-line with its big brother the M4, to enjoy a sound very similar. Although the first impression that offers us this video from Autobild Germany is the a sound forceful, but even more natural and refined than the one offered by the M4.

Listen yourselves.

BMW M2 will have two exhaust outlets double, as the good M that is. This exhaust system would be in addition with a butterfly controlled electrically to allow us to have the sound that you hear in this video, strong throughout the rev range.

The function Driving Experience Control, the mode switch of the BMW M2, will also allow us to adjust the intensity of the sound in function of our preferences. An interesting feature for the day-to-day, because very probably not want to sound so blunt journal or yes?

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370 HP of muscle and a lot of aluminum: the BMW M2 Coupe is the new baby of the family M

photo Gallery: 370 HP of muscle and a lot of aluminum: the BMW M2 Coupe is the new baby of the family M

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