How much does a Formula 1?

Mercedes y Ferrari con ventajaMany people wonder how much can cost a Formula 1 car. In other categories, such as the NASCA, the Indy, the DTM, the WTCC or the WEC, they have budgets much lower than in the F1. Despite the fact that the F1 came in its inception as a category of cheap cars, just an engine, a chassis, some wheels and no fairings to reduce costs, with the advancement of technology, the increase of the competitiveness and the introduction of advanced systems and aerodynamics, the price has shot up to be the most expensive category.

Each year the FIA is committed to develop measures to reduce costs and always tends to achieve the opposite effect, increasing the costs for the alternatives, or because the teams attempt to circumvent these measures in order to be more competitive and invest a lot more money. All that cost the car, are added to the manufacturing costs, salaries of engineers, support staff, logistics, drivers, tools, etc., which makes equipment such as Manor with a budget of around 80 million per season will make them difficult to keep, compared to teams that exceed 400 million.

V6 Turbo de Honda para la F1well, an F1 car can cost you a whopping 6.571.000$ season, normal teams complain about the expense or try to do stunts to reach the end of the season. The breakdown of costs is as follows:

  • Engine: is the most expensive item, the power unit V6 Turbo hybrid round $ 4.7 million. It is composed by more than 1000 pieces and consists of a very advanced technology, with manufacturing costs high, and up to 80 hours of work for its assembly.
  • Gearbox: paid apart from the rest of the motor unit, with a cost of around to 650,000 dollars. Are ultrar├ípidas and can withstand up to 3000 changes before breaking.
  • Escapes: the welds, dimensions and geometry of these should be very accurate. They are manufactured in alloy of inconel and can withstand up to 1000OC. According to their characteristics and resonance, you can determine a power or other. The price is around off 260,000 $ .
  • Chassis: made of carbon fiber, and some parts of titanium and other elements such as the keblar, zylon,… it costs $ 120,000.
  • Background: the carbon fund can cost you around 86.000 dollars.
  • steering Wheel: a basic one can cost you around $ 30,000, but can reach much larger numbers, as they are handmade. They are manufactured in carbon fiber and have a lot of wiring.
  • front Wing: 215.000 $ is what is going to the trash every time there is a touch of a car and we see that will change the spoiler. That’s not counting the cost of developing new geometries and profiles to improve aerodynamics.
  • Brakes: worth of 210,000 dollars and are manufactured in carbon, under some very precise conditions and processes which crystallized very slow.
  • Wheels: can withstand extreme forces and its compound can be very different to conventional wheels of street. Also varies a lot and its geometry, structure, flanks, etc, The price is about $ 300,000 that are going to Pirelli.
  • Other: could be added to other costs from other minor parts, but is more difficult to calculate its price.

Put a F1 on the track during a season can cost you around 30 million as a minimum. And he said to Pedro de la Rosa when he was on HRT, which to them cost them between 70,000 and 100,000 euros to improve a tenth… is there Any doubt that it is an expensive sport?

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