How much does the Jaguar F-Type SVR? We already know its price: what solid arguments to convince the customer of Porsche more …

Jaguar has prepared, from the hand of the department “Special Vehicle Operations”, a Jaguar F-Type even more radical, more sporty, a Jaguar F-Type SVR 2016 ready to satisfy the customers of Jaguar that demand a little more spicy, but how much does the Jaguar F-Type SVR? Time discovering their price, both the coupe and the cabrio.

575 horses, a presence that is spectacular, a tune-up, revised… are enough arguments to win over the customers of Porsche?

The Jaguar F-Type SVR is a price starting 158.600 € for the version of the coupé slightly increasing price if we decide to go for the convertible, which starts from 166.600 € .

What offers us this version of the Jaguar F-Type?What has to higher with respect to the version V8 550 horsepower?

This option has been strengthened by the well-known V8 until the 575 horses, a power that is handed over for the occasion to the four wheels in line with a automatic gearbox.

of course we do not speak of “only” 25 horses more. It also weighs 25 kg less, has a new exhaust system made of titanium and a chassis firmer and optimized, with better brakes, a differential revised, new tires…

How diferenciarás? Your rear spoiler betrays you, as does your new front bumper.