How much money do you have to return the Volkswagen Group in Spain?


The Group is liable for all damages to the pocket of the client and of the public treasury

Was in the last week of September when the minister of Industry, José Manuel Soria, spoke for the first time of the return of grants for Plan PIVE for the TDI fraudulent Volkswagen and its brands. Then that comes to nothing, because the excess emissions were of other gases, and legally it was a different thing.

But with the new scandal of the approvals reduced, the thing changes. After the meeting of Soria with the vice-president of the Volkswagen Group, Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, we know that the company shall assume the economic consequences with the administration, according to the minister Soria, in statements to RNE.

owners will not have to pay anything

Since we are talking about 50,000 cars in Spain, in the worst case one would have to return 50 million euros, 1,000 per car. As not all took advantage of the Plan PIVE, the amount will be lower. That money would go directly to the public coffers, to the greater benefit of the effects of PIVE.


Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, vice-president of the Volkswagen Group

In the second place, when we know the approvals corrected, you will have to calculate the money defrauded in car tax. That burden will not fall on the owners, it is understood that they acted in good faith, and were unaware of the manipulation.

This tribute is paid on the basis of the CO2 emissions in grams per kilometer

From 0 to 120 grams, 0 euros; up to 160 grams 4.75%; up to 200 grams 9.75%; and above that, the 14,75-16,75%, depending on the autonomous community. There will be cars that go from 0% to 4,75%, other 4.75% – 9.75%.

The taxable amount is the ex-works price (PFF). To calculate the amount is very difficult, because it depends on the value of each car individually, but can be quietly several million euros with -for example – 1,000 eur defrauded by each car. This money will also return to the public coffers.


José Manuel Soria, Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism of Spain

In terms of the road tax (TAX), which is paid annually, is not going to change anything. This tribute is paid on the basis of the displacement and the power to tax, emissions have not been taken into account. Now, some municipalities may have established bonuses based on certain levels of CO2 emissions.

In the case that there are people who have been injured, after the review of the approval of your car, Volkswagen also will bear that expense. Generically, the local councils do not offer discounts for this concept, but by alternative energy, or directly there is bonuses.

Despite all these disbursements, the manufacturer continues to pledging to invest more than 4,200 million euros in the next five years in Spain. these calculations will be necessary to add compensation that individual or collective level is determined by the claims which are already beginning to reach the courts.