How much power will lose Volkswagen TDI rigged without the “defeat device”? Video Is this the answer we expect?

We emphasize that the concern is that Volkswagen has not yet given answers, clear and precise about what will happen with TDI affected by the trick of defeat device . we not even know for sure how the software worked manipulating vehicle performance, so in conditions of approval to act differently to the actual conditions . Hence, many customers and are wondering if their TDI lose power or be penalized their consumption, once the correction has been performed on the unit that we all expect. And that has been the motivation that has led to an average American, The Fast Lane Car, to face a Volkswagen Jetta TDI to test dynamometer to see if a power loss occurs when the You believe vehicle is rolling on a type test. What will be the result of this test?

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The premise of the test is a priori logic . If a test is simulated on a dynamometer Volkswagen Jetta TDI in two stages, one in which the car “thinks” that it is in a type test, and another in which the car “think “that is rolling in real terms, they could be significant variations in their performance. And that performance variation could lead to another stage. If the car loses benefits when it has been rigged to a type test is reasonable that these are his final performance at the time that Volkswagen correct their engines and have always work in the way they created for their approval.

But as discussed below, this test is not as simple or obvious . And indeed, until we feel that sin were naive if we thought that defeat device Volkswagen has a function as simple as that.

The first problem is that do not know exactly how it works defeat device . The creators of this video have thought of the possibility of programming the PBX interprets the car is in “Approval” mode at the time that its front wheels turn, and tail not, hence they have emulated their actual driving with a roller which turns the rear wheels. Researchers identified the presence of defeat device in the West Virginia University thought of another possibility, which is that this device was activated when it detects a pattern of certain accelerations, and no action on the steering wheel was not realized. We suspect that this device has a more advanced system, probably along the lines of these researchers suspected that a control that detects the rear wheels do not spin.

The truth is that, despite everything, in this video apparently have noticed some interesting data . The Volkswagen Jetta TDI hardly have lost maximum power, as this test would have lost only 2 CV and some Nm of torque. Be aware also that the units listed in this test are consistent with those used in the United States, ie, Horsepower (1 hp equals 1,013 horsepower) and torque expressed in feet per pound.

The problem would be found precisely in low-medium, a regime where the biggest drop in torque is produced and where the difference in potency achieved (in “defeat device” and “real” mode) reaches about 15 HP, enough to make the difference is evident in his performance (especially in recoveries).

volkswagen-tdi-estados-unidos_1440x655c Honestly, I have my doubts about this test, so I said earlier. But even considering that the test has been right, and which have actually made this Jetta work in “rigged” and in real mode , it remains premature, very premature to think that the correction of Volkswagen will entail the reduction of power and / or require more work than a software upgrade.

scenarios, which could even vary by model diesel engine that equips the open. The first stage where that adjustment is more than enough software to correct and make these engines comply with the rules for which were approved . In that scenario, it stands to reason that the benefits are modified, we do not know is how far it will affect the driving experience, and if the difference is remarkable, or perhaps negligible. Proponents of this view suggest that the motivation of Volkswagen engines have been providing support to the US emissions regulations, without their benefits fall and offering high performance.

The second scenario is even more complex. Does defeat device disrupts the engine mapping, or also the operation of devices such as NOx traps? What if this were not enough correction software to solve the problem? And if the theory of cost savings, which would have encouraged illegal Volkswagen to use this technique to avoid the installation of a catalyst based on AdBlue, were true?

In this case the correction may be more complex than that manipulation of the software and installing it may require Volkswagen engine souped AdBlue device, which also involves maintenance (remember that devices consume AdBlue additive based solution urea), but not necessarily that loss of performance. And that, perhaps also worry users of TDI affected, but would also make this video lacked validity and interest.

Source: The Fast Lane Car
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