How much would you be willing to pay for a nearly new LaFerrari?

The LaFerrari most expensive on the market today is in Florida, United States. We know instantly LaFerrari have risen since the end of its production – because only 499 units were produced – and in some cases have doubled their factory price, more than one million euros. Yes, we are poor and these figures are beyond our comprehension. In any case, it seems that some dealers try to exploit the appeal of LaFerrari, inflating its value to unhealthy extremes.

This car maintains its hybrid drivetrain combined with 963 hp power and dazzling performance.

Naples Motorsport has a LaFerrari sale, according to them, is the only currently for sale in the United States. That is why they think they can sell for no less than five million dollars . We talked about around 4.5 million euros, almost five times the original price of the car. The LaFerrari is an impressive, unique hiperdeportivo as himself, but I think to this exclusivity is limited.

la-ferrari-precio-segunda-mano-5 Possibly much cheaper to buy on the other side of the world and export to US This particular issue has only 325 km on the odometer and 2014 . Your mileage may seem very low, but do not think there are many more kilometers LaFerrari. Unfortunately, these hybrid beasts of almost 1,000 horsepower and performance of heart are destined to be queens garage almost entirely

Would you pay five million dollars for this LaFerrari?

There is no special bonus – although I love your tan leather seats – and is painted in black color. It is as spotless as the rest of LaFerrari, pampered to unhealthy extremes by their proud owners. Growth expectations in value seem to have been excessively inflated Naples Motorsport, possibly lowers its price if they can not sell it in a few weeks.

la-ferrari-precio-segunda-mano-2 In either case, the price seems excessive and reflects Status of investment instrument which have become classic cars and hiperdeportivos . Thing that does surprise me too much with the current state of interest rates.

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