How the hell crosses this Range Rover a paper bridge?

Land Rover is celebrating 45 years of presence in China, and has taken the opportunity to carry out a special action in one of its most important markets. This action is not other than to cross a bridge made of paper with a Range Rover. To build a paper bridge that can support the weight of a car does lack a lot of paper and a good construction technique. But Land Rover has simply achieved with sheets of standard paper. What have you done? We demonstrate with a video interesting that you can see below.

The good angles of attack, the ventral and output of the Range Rover are very necessary for this challenge.

The construction of the bridge is traditional, with an arch self-supporting. It is a typical structure in the bridges in the asian tradition, from Japan to China. The two side sections of the stand is a wooden structure designed to withstand the weight of the car, but the center is all paper. The key of the resistance of the bridge is in the amount of paper used. 54.390 sheets placed carefully to create a dome capable of withstanding 2.330 kg weight of a Range Rover 5.0 V8 Supercharged short battle.

The video account of the process of construction of the bridge, as well as the “trick” end, in a car opens a small bridge passing over the same. As a curiosity, has taken place in Suzhou, a city considered the “Venice” of the East.

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