How the hell did this Porsche 911 Cup finished on top of another? [Video]

Looks like they had done on purpose, but the truth is that neither trying what had been achieved. A freak accident without consequences occurred last week at one of the races of the Porsche Cup France . A single brand championship using 911 GT3 Cup – based directly on the GT3 RS production – which in this case was celebrating his career at the Circuit de Navarra, a few kilometers from Pamplona. A large modern circuit, by the way. Let’s watch the video and try to figure out what happened.

The pilots involved have been Jules Gounon and Joffrey De Nardo.

The second curve of the circuit is practically a hairpin, and after the start, the cars are crowding. It is prone to accidents curve. After a touch between two cars, one spun, and surprisingly, another 911 GT3 Cup mounted him . With the tremendous coincidence that quedase perfectly located above. It almost seems a joke, but it is not. The flat bottom of the car and its aerodynamic nose has allowed this maneuver, which curiously has not only caused damage to cars.

The car below only had minor damage to regret on the front and a broken windscreen, while the car set up no signs of damage. I wonder how they are down, and which side will be left to the crane operator. No staff had to regret any damage, but the driver of the Porsche less visibly frightened out of the car at full speed. Then video of curious accident , that you will not expliquéis how the hell happened.

Source: GTSpirit
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