How the time has come to meet the new Audi A8? Perhaps the CES will have the answer

CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, it has also become a good showcase for the automotive industry, which, based on the side each time more technology of this industry, take the opportunity to introduce new important depth and face-to-edit 2016 would not be less, talking to each other because of the presentation of the concept that we advance to the new generation of the Audi A8.

In the CES we would attend the arrival of a model is still conceptual. The coming-of-production model would be scheduled for 2017.

Just as you have been newer generations of the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S Class the Audi A8 will be a true showcase of technology, of innovations, which gradually will be implemented in the rest of the range so that the CES 2016 could be a perfect opportunity to introduce ourselves to this new generation.

as the next Porsche Panamera, next Volkswagen Phaeton and the Bentley Continental GT this Audi A8 will be developed on the new platform MLB. The Audi Q7 we could have introduced some of his proposals to the mechanics, including the hybrid variant plug-in e-tron the Q7 boasts a total power output of 373 horsepower and a driving range in fully electric mode of 56 kilometres.

One of the major innovations of this model would be an advanced proposal of driving semi-autonomous. So, as has been pointed out the rumors about it, but it surely will not be the only novelty which we present Audi with this concept because in the end you have to cope with technologies such as parking system and autonomous gestural control BMW or the wide range of screens in the Mercedes S-Class and its evolved suspension adaptive.

The marketing of this new Audi A8 would be presumptively scheduled for the next 2017.

In the image, the Audi Prologue Concept.