How to advertise a rental company car Tinder? Simply making noise

How monetizas an application like Tinder? If you did not know, Tinder is a contacts application, boys who are seeking girls girls seeking guys, “likes”, “matches”, conversations and quotes. Someone told me once that they had not invented anything new, or anything, it was just the “Hot or Not” Century XXI . Now, how it could consider an advertising campaign taking advantage of this application? The car rental company Sixt has already found a solution and take advantage of the situation to promote their services Tinder . How can you advertise a rental company car Tinder?

Tinder has different ways of monetization, including Sixt explored by creating advertising “false” bills. But the truth is that it does not seem too effective for anything other than making noise. Maybe that was his only goal.

Tinder has different ways of monetization . On the one hand we have advertising, listings of type “banner” that lead us to those sponsors who pay to appear in the application. Furthermore, the Plus services, in which users pay for additional services, such as search for contacts outside of where they are (Tinder uses a certain range to search contacts kilometers around our position), or even our profile has more visibility.

Sixt and Tinder have thought of another idea , to create an advertising account with a lady who calls herself Mercedes B, it is presented as a German and resident in Mallorca for years. The action, in fact, is specifically aimed at young people of the island of Mallorca.

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What Sixt wins with this? Mainly make noise.

A priori it does not appear that an application appointment will be the place where someone is going to rent a car. In fact, this action is an advertising model that lasts over time, but rather an experience that led Sixt to hold talks with some users to explore the idea.

The action, that Sixt was a great success, resulted in several conversations (you can see them in the gallery above) in which the partners of Mercedes B did not notice, maybe even a long time after, that the young lady appeared with a photo catalog in your profile, orange scarf and Sixt logo was a false advertising account.

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