How to convert your old car in autonomous


How we’ve been seeing in pictures and videos shown by the companies that want to achieve the autonomous vehicle perfect we have been able to observe that the prototypes are reduced to commercial vehicles equipped with a myriad of sensors and mechanisms that process and control all the maneuvers of the vehicle.

Perrone Robotics, a company located in the state of Virginia and a specialist in robotics and automatic processes, has been shown kit that can be installed in any vehicle and that in the hands of experts, an engineer for example, it can be easily installed in just half an hour.

The kit called Drop-in Autonomy Kit (DAK) brings all the necessary elements for convertir any vehicle in a car of the future, including solenoids, sensors, electronic mechanisms to control the steering wheel,accelerator and brakes, and the software that is responsible for controlling all of the electronics and to calculate the paths of circulation.

in Addition to all the mechanical components have been designed to not to hinder the driver so that there will be no impediment to sitting in the driver’s seat and to take manual control if you want to at any time with the push of a button.

On the subject of the geoposition, DAK incorporates a high-precision GPS, but is not limited only to this but also can incorporate an alternative system called Locata that is able to locate the section which circulates the vehicle.

The software is able to interpret maps in real-time and communicate with other vehicles equipped with the DAK. Follow the safety rules of movement of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and other rules imposed by agencies of tests for autonomous cars.

time DAK is not for sale and it is difficult to get pregnant but it helps to bring users to the concept of the autonomous car and to dispel doubts about them.