How to cook a steak in your car (australian version)

it Is likely you never have occurred to you cook a steak in your car, although maybe you thought a summer day that your car was a real oven. The imagination, and the immense heat we are enduring these days of austral summer, took a driver to do an experiment curious. why not take advantage of the heat from your car to cooking a good fillet of veal?

neither short Nor lazy, he prepared a metal tray, put the steaks, and placed them in the back seat of their Holden Monaro CV8. 30 minutes later, found that nothing happened, and the steaks were exactly the same as at the beginning. At that time he sought a position more suitable for cooking your steak. With over 40 ℃ in ambient temperature, it is found that on the dashboard the temperature hovered around 80 ° C, for being the place most exposed to the solar radiation and by taking advantage of the greenhouse effect generated by the windshield. It is not a temperature much lower than that attained by an oven over medium-low heat.

45 minutes later, the steaks had already taken color. And in less than an hour, they were practically cooked and, at a temperature from 63.2 ° C, as can be seen in the following photographs you shared this chef improvised on reddit. Even so, it recognizes that flameó slightly on the surface of the fillets to reduce the risk of poisoning. The result, according to the diners, it was a steak well cooked, but somewhat dry. And, as everyone knows, the best way to cook a fillet of these characteristics, it is the slow fire in an oven, in this case the cabin of a Holden, but the “back and forth” to the plate.

With this story we can learn several lessons. The first, that it is vital to aerate the passenger compartment of our car in the summer before starting a trip. Just think of the temperatures that can be achieved in the interior of a car by its exposure to heat and sunlight. The second lesson is that the dramatic consequences that may have to forget about the children, or to our pet, in the car, an irresponsibility that every summer cause many deaths.

In any case, our preferred technique for cooking a steak, or a sirloin steak, continues to be the Lexus at the Nürburgring.

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