How to defraud € 2 million and appropriation of 37 luxury cars a car dealership German

we Start the week with some surprising news. The Spanish Police has broken up a plot by business that would have defrauded two million euros by appropriating luxury cars as you can see in this video and these images. The news surprised by the figures, but even more because of the modus operandi. Far from being a band of thieves to use, proceed to the theft of cars for their subsequent transfer and sale outside of Spain, this plot is lurking behind the appearance of a seemingly legal and reliable. How they managed to defraud more than € 2 million and appropriation of 37 luxury vehicles that belonged initially to a dealer in Germany?

According to the National Police, this plot would have devised its strategy criminal by resorting to the technique known as the thymus of the nazarene. The thymus of the nazarene, far from following the usual patterns of common crime, is based on to convince the defrauded of a business apparently legal and safe, taking advantage of a corporate structure that made the grantee of Germany trust in their scammers.

The big problem is that behind that facade, apparently legal, the ringleaders would have gotten the appropriation of 37 luxury vehicles and swindling more than 2 million euros.

as can be seen in these images, produced and published by the National Police, the objective of the scammers were the luxury cars, usually Mercedes-Benz, and especially convertibles, sedans and large SUVS. The company acquired vehicles to the dealership from Germany, which would have left without paying around 37 acquired between the years 2010 and 2014. Many of these vehicles end up being sold in Madrid, Malaga, Alicante, Badajoz, A Coruña, spain and Ibiza.

The National Police arrested the perpetrators of the plot at the Airport of Madrid – Barajas Adolfo Suarez, when returning to Spain from Qatar. And while they achieved their goal of convincing the cheated to receive their shipment of cars, finally the authorities have been caught when they tried to enter again to Spain, to prevent further scamming other dealerships and who are accountable to justice for their misdeeds.

Source: National Police