How to drive a hybrid car: tips for your maximum advantage

today the hybrid and electric already represent 2.5% of the total sales in our country. It may seem a ridiculous figure, but keep in mind that in the year 2000 there were only 11 units circulating on our roads. The promise of savings daily attracts more customers, and we bring you a few tips on how to drive a hybrid to take full advantage of their efficiency.


hybrids are already a reality and it is time to learn to drive them as they have many advantages

And if we talk about hybrid talk about Toyota. Is the brand’s most ecofriendly in the time, and was the precursor of a change that increasingly gains more followers. The Prius was the first, but it is not the only one. Most models, like this Toyota Yaris Hybrid have been added to the offer. And this has not done more to start.

Every day more people is passed to the hybrid technology. There is the urge to pollute and spend less, but many end up discovering that the end consumption are not as low as expected. And is that although we may think that they are just like any other car, the truth is that they require a series of habits to be driven, because if you don’t, are not as advantageous.

What it is and how it works a hybrid system

In general, a gasoline engine, or diesel, is combined with a battery and a small electric thruster. The system is responsible for self-management, either using only the electric motor, or by combining it with the thermal if the situation or the demands so require. The battery is responsible for supplying energy to the electric motor while the combustion engine can act in two different ways, either as a driver only or as source of recharge of the battery.

To lengthen the life of the battery, the hybrids incorporate different systems that recover energy produced by the car at various times, such as in a braking or retention. In this way the heat energy that is produced by the rubbing is not wasted, being stored in the battery so that you can make use of it, extending the electric range which eventually reduces the consumption of fuel.

The Yaris is hybrid-cheapest in the market with a starting price of 14.240 eur

Now, how do I show all this on the inside? In the case of the Yaris, and all of the Toyota, a small sphere shows us three degrees of color. The blue zone (Charge) tells us that at that time the battery is recharged, either because we have lifted the foot from the accelerator or because we are slowing down. The stripe of green (ECHO) corresponds to the area more effective. The intention is to circulate the maximum time possible in this range, because if not we will jump to the white (POWER), that indicates to us that we are not being careful.

In recent times we have seen how it was produced, the arrival of a new class of hybrids, the plug-in. The base in this case is the same, but allow a series of advantages with respects to the traditional. Greater autonomy, and the possibility of recharging the batteries at any time. So just connect the drive to a power supply network and the battery will recover energy so you can arrange it when we want to.


there is No speed indication, in its place there is a box that shows us our efficiency

How to drive a hybrid vehicle

let’s Move from theory to practice, but before you even enter the car and press the starter button, the hybrids require a previous preparation, and that is to adapt our mentality. As I said, each day, more drivers are passed to the hybrid vigour, but be aware that to extract all the benefits of a hybrid car, we have to adapt our mind to be able to do that. An exercise that is achieved with the passage of time and the taking of new habits behind the wheel.

As is logical, there are different environments or situations when driving. Based on these we will have to change the way they act, because a hybrid, although it looks like one, not is conducted in exactly the same way that a car diesel or gasoline. Now, what are these situations and how we act to them? Descubrámoslo.

Motorway and expressways

Without a doubt, the panorama less flattering to hybrids, so much so that they tend to lose the battle of saving compared to other conventional cars, especially the diesel. The extra weight to bring the battery and the electric motor is usually the cause of a highest consumption. However, we can contain costs moving forward and preventing our actions.


The central screen can display the way in which energy is flowing in every moment

If the traffic is more dense, it is best that we lead two or three cars ahead of us. That is to say, if we see that later are slowing down, lift the foot from the accelerator so that the restraint system to let the battery charge. Braking also helps to do this, but keep in mind that the more speed we lose, the more speed we will have to recover, and that wastes a lot. By the way, recovers more energy with a braking progressive and prolonged with an intense and brief.

it Is inevitable that we find ourselves faced with a hill in our journey. Keep the pedal treading in the same position or let the cruise control keep the speed is the best we can do. Keep in mind that there is a universal law that says that what goes up must come down, and before or after will come the part favorable. It is here where we will take back what is lost. Simply lift the foot off the accelerator and let the car gained speed, he only. But never put the dead point, because you could lose control of the descent.

The hybrids are automatic, thus we ensure that the management of the system is always correct. However the transmission typically include a mode B. This applies to a greater retention in the moments of deceleration. In certain situations activated directly by the gasoline engine, however it is an excellent way to recharge the battery more quickly. Its use is advisable in cases such as the sharp decreases since there will be no need to press the brake at any time.

In summary, all that we do when driving on highways or conventional roads should focus on eating as little as possible and go to recharge the battery, so when we get to a zone to slow or make the situation more profitable for the hybrid may use only electric motor.


When you select the lever of the switch in mode B (bottom), we will achieve a greater retention

traffic Jams and urban environments

we Arrived at the ground more favorable, the ideal scenario for a hybrid. They were actually designed for the city, so it is here where they really show their advantages. The steps to follow are very similar to those above. Driving in quiet and in anticipation of everything that happens ahead of. For example, if we see that a traffic light has turned red we raise the foot off the accelerator, if we see that there is a jam the same. They are small tricks that give more life to the battery.

In an urban circuit of 15 miles, the Yaris Hybrid can get to spend an average of 1.7 liters. Awesome.

In the case of the Toyota Yaris there are various configuration modes of the hybrid system. In this way we will be able to tell the computer how we want to operate. What’s more normal is circular in ECO mode, but if we’re going to be in town, or in a traffic jam for example, it is best to put the EV mode, to tell the car that we want to move only with the electric motor. At least until the battery runs out, or until we outgrow the 50 kilometres per hour, which inevitably will come into operation the gasoline engine.

In terms of the speed, we all know that on urban roads the speed limit stands at a maximum of 50 kilometres per hour. However we also know that the majority of times that speed is exceeded. If you do it is best to control the accelerator pedal, gaining speed gradually and with delicacy, a gentle touch on the accelerator pedal to work miracles to reduce energy consumptions.


The logical thing to do is always run in ECO mode, and when you come to the city to apply the EV mode

finally we must say that here we can also take advantage of the retention of extra engine at the time of placing the shift lever in mode B. In this way the battery will recharge more quickly with the result that we use more extensively the electric motor, because if not we will move a maximum of two kilometres of completely saving.


In the final. Hybrid cars will continue winning weight with the passage of time. In the not too distant future most cars will use a combined drive system, so it’s time to go preparing for the change. It all starts with the desire for change, but this change must be accompanied by a mindset and habits with different driving, before you even get on the car.

once behind the wheel it is best to anticipate the driving, be careful and know what time it is adequate to exploit the full set hybrid. As well the saying that the habit makes the monk, and like everything in life, it is a matter of practice. But if you follow these tips you will notice that you will go down little by little consumption at the same time, you earn more skill. It all starts with awareness, but just with regular use.


no matter which hybrid you buy, if you follow these steps you’ll get the most out of your technology