How to get your child to help you clean the garden?

Limpiar jardín soplador hojasTo the fans of the engine, since small, we have always been fascinated any type of gadget of two or four wheels. Many will remember those electric cars for children with that recorríais the corridors or the garden of your houses. By then his battery of 6V or 12V, in the best case, it served to spur you and for calm that urge to speed which already began to arise.

Now we find a funny video that shows us how to to take advantage of this hobby from early childhood. It is a father seeing that his son was all day behind the wheel of his electric car he decided to adapt it to assist in a task: clean up the garden. In this way he managed to to attach a leaf blower the small vehicle child.


The result? You certainly don’t have to waste seeing as the little one progresses in his stroller with the new motivation to move the leaves of the garden. Due to the short length of the video we do not know if the child really helps to clean up or otherwise they end up all the leaves all scattered, but the intention is what counts, and we must recognize that the idea is quite unusual.

The innovative father has also taken into account the noise of the leaf blower and has fitted your child with a few hearing protectors. By the looks of it, the installing the blower in the electric car has not been a very complex task. In this way, all that you may have small children that share your passion for the four wheels you will be able to put in practice this idea and make that your children are have fun at the same time that help.

Source – SpeedSociety