How to keep the tires in perfect condition

The security our vehicles largely depends on the state you are our tires . For this reason it is appropriate to consider a number of fundamental factors for proper maintenance of our wheels.

Cómo mantener los neumáticos en perfecto estado Those responsible for maintaining contact between the driver and the road is none other than the tires, hence the importance of safeguarding our own welfare and for those around us.

Beyond bear the weight of our vehicles, these sections absorb all possible irregularities road. In this regard, you should know that air or nitrogen wheel acts as a spring, increases considerably comfort. Meanwhile, there are those who let us maneuver on the road and transmit traction and braking power.

Very different places on tires online as specified: The maintenance these must always be optimally increasing vehicle performance and reduce the risk of skidding materials. Insufficient pressure on these vehicle parts will increase fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

neumáticos en perfecto estado

Tips for better maintenance of tires

As we can see, is so important that we do everything in our power to consider them often role of tires safety and proper operation of the vehicle, ensure quality and performance and strengthening our protection and our loved ones . To do this, we consider some of the following tips offered by

One of the first points that we must fix our attention is focused on pressure wheel . When faced with optimal pressure levels, not only we will strengthen our security, but will increase the strength and durability of these elements, avoid premature wear and will even take care of the environment.

it is appropriate to maintain pressure levels as specified by the manufacturer depending on load conditions so that they can relate properly to the roadway. You must take special care in those tires which are low profile , because in these cases, insufficient pressure will have greater consequences than in conventional displays multiple malformations.

Consejos para el mejor mantenimiento de tus neumáticos Do not forget to check the pressure every month and when you undertake commuting long distances. The degree of pressure suitable inflation or find on the side of the door, next to the driver’s seat; in the user manual of the car; or inside the fuel tank flap.

regard rear , which is not connected to the steering wheel, you have to constantly check his condition and pressure, especially during rotation thereof. In fact, not being connected to the steering wheel, will prevent their degree of adherence to the road, reason enough to check their status.

The less worn tires recently bought or go on axle rear to have more control in tight corners or emergency braking and to reduce the risk of losing control of the vehicle.

mejor mantenimiento de tus neumáticos In case we meet the requirement of tire repair , we have to go to a professional, competent to check the internal state of the tire, ensure compliance pressures uses prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer, plus installation instructions and warnings on pages rotation or mounting direction.

Another important factor that we must not overlook is whether Wheel Alignment , an operation that consists in parallel axles and wheels, in addition to adjusting different angles the same taking into account the valuation of carmaker. To check whether it really is an adjustment problem, you can do is move your hand from the side of the tread from outside to inside and vice versa. Proper alignment will allow us to save on fuel and protect our tires against irregular wear.

To determine Tyre wear we can make use of a depth gauge. Failing that, we must not forget the presence of witnesses in the tires that will reveal the degree of wear. Do not forget to regularly check the tread depth of the wheels and change them when they are worn. In this sense, it is recommended that this change before the depth of the sculpture reach the legal limit of 1, 6 mm.

neumáticos Nor do we forget the valves essential for the wheels to keep intact its density. As rubber can deteriorate over time. Like the latter, preserve its sealing cap has a very important to protect them from dust and dirt mission. It is recommended to replace the valves at the same time you have available to you to change tires.

is essential change the tires ten years from the date of manufacture. Although they have not reached their legal limit of wear or seemingly in perfect condition, replace them with new ones after this period.

You have also taken into account some of these points when keep the tires in perfect condition

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