How to prepare a car for drifting (video)

it Is interesting to see how two of the channels more interesting for its productions on cars, Youtube, have teamed up to offer this video. Engineering Explained it seems to be a channel quite advisable to learn something more about the engineering behind our cars, and Donut Media has surprised us a lot lately with some of its productions, such as the gymkhana in a van, Nissan’s April Fool’s Day, or the joke of the grandmas in a Lamborghini. And now both do the same by joining to tell us about the engineering behind a car for drifting, and how to prepare for such an adventure.

This video, the first part of a series that will be published progressively, begins with some of the concepts really interesting about the fine tuning of the front axle. The importance of having grip on the rear axle, the yaw angle, the adjustment of the stiffness and rebound of the suspension, the cámber, and the qualities that are desirable in the front axle and the steering of a car to facilitate the work of drifting and skidding.

And to explain these concepts, not only is Jason Fenske, head of Engineering Explained, and an expert in explaining complex concepts with very simple examples, but also Chris Forsberg, driver of Formula Drift.

And, of course, a beautiful Datsun 280Z to show us the result of all these improvements.

Be followed very closely this series of videos…

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