How to prepare your car for winter, 5 tips so you don’t get ice cream

Although the winter is not official until the 21st of December, the temperatures are freezing, they are already here and still will take several months to go away. At this time of year it is essential to take care not only driving, but also the state of our vehicle. That’s why here we leave you a series of tips on how to prepare your car for winter.


season Is a very nice, but not be trainer can bring problems

first of all let us tell you that this time not only is known for low temperatures, but also by the the changing situations of the weather, which is never comfortable when driving. As soon as it rains, as it freezes, as does sun, or even snow. This is not what we can control, but we can be better prepared.

How to prepare your car for winter

1.- Tires

The first thing you have to watch is the overall condition of the tires. It is the single point of contact with the asphalt, and they deserve all our attention. It monitors the pressures and wear and tear. Although the law marks a limit of 1.6 mm, it is recommended that in these times not move on with a drawing below 3 millimeters. At a greater depth greater evacuation capacity and increased grip.

for years the tire manufacturers have a wide range of tires prepared for the cold, working especially well below 7ºC. Yes you choose not to change them, something logical given our climate usual, it is absolutely necessary that if you have to travel to the land more complicated you carry always with you the chains or the various systems that currently exist in the market. Finally check that the spare wheel is also in good condition.


The liquid antifreeze is best for this time of year due to its high freezing temperature

2.- Levels

The main in this case is the coolant/antifreeze. The use of ordinary water is not recommended at this time due to its low freezing point, 0ºC. it is best to change it to the prepared liquid to withstand low temperatures, reaching -40ºC. So we will avoid to put in serious irrigation of breaking the engine, in addition to make sure a start up, for very cold to do.

we must Not neglect the other fluids in the car; brakes, power steering, oil, gearbox,… do Not have the same level of prominence that the antifreeze, but it is another point to have in account to not have breakdowns. don’t forget to review the state of the sleeves, because with low temperatures the integrity of the same may be affected, even to break.

3.- Gasoline

it is Never advisable to drive with a low level of fuel, the fact of having thrown away add up to the most possible damage to the pump and the conduits of the gas, made more serious if we have a diesel, that will compel us to pass by the workshop immediately. However, with the advent of low temperatures the fact of circular without hardly any gasoline may get put in danger our own health.

it is nothing strange to stay isolated or stuck in winter, every year we see images on tv of people who have stuck to a nevada impressive. It is here when the gasoline can to save the life, so if we have enough we will be able to keep the engine running and the always necessary heating. For this reason, I advise you to never circuléis below a half tank, never know what can happen.

4.- Lighting

Although the new lighting technologies, they work wonders when it comes to seeing in low visibility conditions, it is always advisable to give them a little attention. The systems of Xenon and LED are equipped with automatic regulation, so that there is little you can do, however the traditional halogen lamps allow for a height adjustment that we will have to review so that it does not “shoot” neither too high nor too low. The glass of the lenses should be as clean as possible so as to have the maximum possible illumination.

To these we have to add the fog. I already gave some tips of how to use them properly. There is No problem to circulate with the front, because they allow a greater illumination of the sides, in addition to being essential for situations of fog. The rear on your part are mandatory when it falls the visibility. just As important is to see how to be seen. But be careful with abuse of the past, as they may disturb other drivers. Use them when necessary, and monitors all look.


Whatever the lighting system of your car ensures that it is always in perfect condition

5.- Systems annexes

At this point there is talk of elements as obvious as the battery. It is important to watch the loading of the same, as well as the correct operation of the alternator, since if this does not work well ensures a mechanical failure. If intuyes that the battery life is near its end, the best thing is that the change already, the money you are going to spend equally and to avoid that the car will stop lying is priceless. Of course, check that no cable is exposed.

we can Not forget about the windshield wipers. The wiper blades must be in perfect condition so as to dislodge all the water possible with each pass. The liquid of the same also it is advisable watch out because of its high freezing point will help you in the event that you find yourself with the windscreen frozen. Of course do not forget the simple but essential scraper.

All of these tips will allow you to face the winter trips with an extra security, however, in the last turn we the more careful we must be. If we are going to travel it is advisable to review the route and the weather. If we are faced with a road in poor state it is vital to act with the greatest caution, trying not to be the first venture into the same. And of course head and calm, fits your driving to the weather and the road, since that is the best way to avoid unnecessary risks.


The windshield wipers become essential with the arrival of the rains and the snows