How to rebuild engines by means of welding plasma


it Is possible to leave an engine as new, in the literal sense of the word, thanks to this technology. Can be used for a new engine or to rebuild engines with many kilometers above. The plasma welding was patented by Flame-Spray Industries a few years ago, but has been perfected in collaboration with Ford. The first use that was given to the improvement of the engine of the Shelby Mustang GT 350R.

the main advantage is The savings in energy and materials

what is it? It seems the procedure of conventional solder. An electric arc is formed between the metal to be welded and a tungsten electrode. A heated gas to become a plasma, atomized, and combined with the original material on the engine as if it were a spray. With respect to other welds, it stands out for its precision, it is ideal for small cracks or imperfections.

is Still needed a lot of energy, but around half of the cost of a conventional process. For a gas to reach the plasma state are required several thousands of degrees, and that is done with huge amounts of electricity (high amperage). Take a look at the next video:

This type of process contributes to to reduce the environmental impact of the manufacturers in the various life phases of their products. Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Before getting to the last phase, it is preferable to give a second life to the components that have been tired with the passing of the years and the miles.

The technique is not valid for any type of failure of the engine block, as a galling mechanic, but makes it much easier for the rebuilding of engines with increased wear, using less energy and less metal. And that, at the end of the day, always saves emissions.