“How to sign Alonso?”: Mercedes and Ferrari are pronounced about it


Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas on one side. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen on the other. Only these four pilots have, at this time, the option to play all the victories of the season 2017. The rest must wait very exceptional circumstances that allow them to give the surprise.

is Not, nor much less, in the case of McLaren-Honda, which remains as the worst team of the grid in terms of points is concerned. Fernando Alonso does not want to continue experiencing that situation and since has made it very clear that in 2018 will be on a team with potential to win, whether in Formula 1 or outside of it.

These are some of the reasons that the Spanish language has been included in the pools that attempt to predict which drivers will occupy so highly prized seats in 2018, as only Lewis Hamilton has a contract for next year. Vatteri Bottas is convincing the leaders of Mercedes, but it still needs to be confirmed and Toto Wolff, their main defender, plays the card of stability and harmony between the partners, but keeps the door open. “Without any doubt, Fernando is an important personality of the Formula 1 and a great pilot that McLaren and Honda are appreciated. We are really happy with our pilots at this time. That is not the answer that you’d want to hear, but the stability is an important factor, the dynamic between pilots, and we don’t have reasons to complain about”, commented in the official press conference of the FIA in Austria.

Bottas is clearly our favorite, who we want to continue with us for a long time

, which was representative of Valtteri Bottas until his signing for Mercedes says that the finn is in a prime position to renew his contract, but Wolff admits that the options that gives the market drivers for the coming year are very tempting. “Valtteri is doing a great job. The market will be very interesting and there is no need to make plans now. It’s not that bad for Valtteri because it is clearly our favorite, who we want to continue with us for a long time”.

Ferrari denies interest in Alonso

on the other side we have Ferrari, former team of Fernando Alonso. Sergio Marchionne has already recognized that , has been given Sebastian Vettel the renewal, but does not hide its concern with respect to the other seat, currently occupied by Kimi Räikkönen.

While Vettel leads the drivers championship with 20 points advantage over Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Räikkönen is only fifth with less than half of the points. That had a direct impact in the constructors ‘ championship, in which it is Mercedes who dominates with 33 points margin over the Italian.

in Such a circumstance it hurts especially in the case of Ferrari, which is marked as the main objective and almost the only return to be champions of builders, after eight years without doing so. Sergio Marchionne, Chairman of Ferrari, has been present in Austria and, in statements to the Gazzetta dello Sport, has encouraged Räikkönen to improve, but has also denied any interest in Fernando Alonso. “Kimi is a good guy, but has to keep working, we need him for the constructors championship. We need a higher level of commitment. What Verstappen and Alonso? We have not asked Verstappen to Red Bull, and we are not interested in Alonso”.

So, if we are to believe the statements of the one and the other, someone is not telling the truth. One thing is clear: ahead are many months of uncertainty in this regard.