How to watch F1 for free in 2016

F1 de gratis Game Over Insert Coin to continue in 2016Upon the intention of to monopolize the hearing of the F1 in Spain by Telefónica through Movistar, the Spanish business group has been a little movement popular and that has upset many. Now what was previously free is to of payment, forcing you to pay for other services to part of the channel that gives you the right to see F1 in 2016, because they force you to buy a whole pack of services.

Many users and spectators that are happy with their current line optical fiber need to be addressed at these moments whether to continue with their current company and not to see F1 (or other sporting events are also acquired by the company), or drop your current service and hire a number of services to be able to continue seeing her. Others, however, who can not pay this monthly fee does not have this dilemma, nor those rural areas where there is no line…

Alonso abandonadoThe exclusivity is a problem that has made F1 a little event that is democratic and that now is deprived and relegated to only one group. That is why the disgruntlement of many viewers who up until now have seen in Spain, this sport out in the open and completely free of charge, maybe complaining more or less of the commercials inserted during the event, but at least you could follow them without pay.

well, now I want to create a feedback and suggest that you look for alternatives, descart√©is some of these if they are not valid and fail in your comments on the proposed solutions to keep the F1 in Spain without having to hire these services. Doing a little research I found some, I don’t know if will be valid:

Alternatives to watch the Formula 1 free

I don’t Know some of these means, but I have seen that they have the rights to broadcast F1. So if there is anyone from these countries who can provide more information or learn more details, your help will be welcome. Maybe some of you already do not have the rights to F1 next year. By the way, there are also british media, but do not have very clear to its continuity to the next season.

Channel Country Language display Method
RTL Germany German Live Stream and other online media
Deux Belgium French what?
RDS Canada French Live Stream and other online media
TSN Canada English Live Stream and other online media
Gol Caracol Colombia Spanish latino what?
NBC United States English Mounting a network, VNC, and do other methods?
UniVision Deportes Network United States Spanish Live Stream and other methods
UniMas United States Spanish what?
RAI 1 Italy Italian Live Stream and other methods
RAI 2 Italy Italian Live Stream and other methods
Tele Monte Carlo Monaco French Live Stream and other methods
SportTV Portugal Portuguese Live Stream and other methods
(TVes) Venezuela Spanish latino Live Stream and other methods

*we Will be updating the table and improve it. Keep in mind that schedules retransmission will also vary, matching the premises of the place of origin of the channel. Remember that if uss some ad blockers like Adblock you’ll have to deactivate them to be able to view certain channels.

By the way, there are also some radio stations that broadcast the F1, such as Blu Radio Colombia, Radio Colony of Argentina, Radio Marca in Spain, Cadena Ser in Spain and Cadena Cope in Spain. I do not know whether the exclusivity also affects the rights for the radios or just to the television channels, and if also the radios have been affected, maybe other countries are not, and continue retransmitting the next year. Only it would be enough to tune the station or listen to any Podcast or broadcast via the web of these channels…

please, leave your comments and suggestions, will be welcome to update this article with everything you can provide. of course, who wants to pay to see F1 is in its full right, but we must offer alternatives for those who don’t want to or can’t.