How up for the lack of a manual gearbox the Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy? We tell you from Geneva

One of the surprises of Geneva has been the Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy EDC . An even more radical version of the Renault Clio RS, with a distinct aesthetic, higher power for 1.6 turbo engine – now with no less than 220 CV – and overall a much tighter dynamic oriented circuits . Before its introduction, it was rumored that instead of a gearbox EDC equip a dual-clutch manual gearbox. As it has not happened and Renault Clio RS Trophy remains Machine , but we can assure that Renault has done everything possible so that the absence of a third pedal is not note . Want to know how?

Improved haptic and visual impact

The Renault Clio RS 220 Trophy EDC must beat the copper in a highly competitive niche.

Courses of the shift paddles behind the wheel have been shortened by 30% , and his touch is a little harder. This manages to feel more involved the driver when driving through a simple touch experience. Not only has this change is faster in their gear changes and reductions: thanks to an electronic recalibration is able to shift gears 40% faster in the Standard and Sport modes, while it is 50% faster in Race mode. Mechanically, the 1.6 turbo engine developing 200 hp goes to 220 hp, but third pedal remains absent . His older brother – the Mégane RS Trophy – still the vehicle purists


Although the Honda Civic Type R has showered everyone with his time at the Nurburgring we have yet to see what can this small in the world’s most demanding track. Meanwhile, live it impresses us more than the existing model thanks to a more aggressive body kit, new tires 18 inches and a suspension lowered by 20 mm. Inside also has improved considerably and receives a more aggressive tone with a new steering wheel or faux finishes carbon fiber. It also incorporates the Renault Sport Monitor with integrated telemetry even finer of our trips the circuit control.

It remains to see if your no manual transmission puts you at a disadvantage in a segment where the manual transmission to automatic alternative prevails, although these are generally more efficient and competitive on a purely performance based level . Because sometimes what matters is that feelings are as exciting as possible, and when we removed the clutch pedal part of our involvement is necessarily eliminated. And when we are at our favorite stretch of curves do not always look for filing a split second of the next curve: sometimes you just want to have fun



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