How will the Honda engine for the McLaren MP4-31 2016?

V6 Turbo de Honda para la F1Honda has had a very bad return to F1, a huge company like the japanese can not afford this “marketing” for their market of sport and hybrid cars. The V6 engine Turbo Hybrid that have been built for Formula 1 has been shown to be highly fragile and with a performance quite poor to not be able to develop all its power. The technicians have taken small steps during the season, but even in the last race were still problems.

According to the statements from the technicians of Honda, we can get an idea of how you can be the new engine of the McLaren MP4-31. Honda redesigned the engine for shoring up the weak points (something that they could not do with the tokens during the season), with a turbo much bigger and MGU-H redesigned, and thus does not have a 2016 as this past season and be able to deploy all the power hidden (those 2 seconds, and peak-to-turn) without fear of breaking. Although the bad results will make any little progress is noticed to be better in 2015.

Yasuhisa Arai en el box de McLaren-HondaMcLaren will improve the chassis and aerodynamics of the MP4-31, which shall not be more than an evolution of the MP4-30, which, in this aspect seems to have potential, although much drago or aerodynamic resistance. Honda will also continue with this concept of compact engine size-zero) to fit to the chassis without affecting the aerodynamics, but by improving the power and reliability with a review of your concept. The result, hopefully it’s much better and can unlock more than 2 seconds per lap.

The own Arai commented “Will continue to be compact, but I know that we need a turbo much bigger. Why keep the concept but change the inside of the camera or make one of the most small is a great goal. […] The size (turbo 2015) is small so that the engine takes a lot of pressure of the air and that means that the high rotation -120.000 rpm – is the limit.“. In addition to ensures that they work closely with Mobile 1 to create a fuel that will make them win horses so efficient with a gasoline even more sophisticated.