How will we know the whole truth of the Case #Dieselgate of Volkswagen?


The roots of the scandal of emissions dating back to 1999, according to a half-German

The researchers are doing what they can to determine individual and collective responsibilities in the scandal of the emissions handled in TDI engines EA189. At the official level, is still arguing that it was an initiative of a handful of engineers, not something ordered from above.

As 450 researchers are closing the purse seine around a dozen employees, but it is not being easy at all. It is analyzing the content of hundreds of computers, and appears as a language that is cryptic that it hinders the inquiry. The fact that systems are obsolete it is another problem.

Sources close to the investigation cited by Bloomberg claim that surely the company does not tell it all in his official report. Volkswagen commissioned an audit of the law firm Jones Day and the consulting firm Deloitte. In addition, the interrogated employees are reluctant to release it all because they are afraid of the legal consequences rather than the consequences at an internal level (that would be the least of it).



One of the things that has come to light, always speaking unofficially -because the research time is confidential – is the source of the software trap. According to the German newspaper Handesblatt, was programmed in Audi in 1999. The purpose was to disable certain functions of the engine, although it did not used by then.

it Was in the middle of the last decade when the engineers of the VAG Group came to the conclusion that the engines of the family EA189, which had to comply with Euro 5 regulations and american anti-pollution, emitting nitrogen oxides in excess, and could not be approved without alterations in performance and consumption. That would make them less competitive.

And someone pulled it out of the drawer this modification of the ecu for the Diesel engines. Given that the software allows you to disable some functions, were disconnected, some functions related with the efficiency of the systems anti-pollution engines, always and when not detectasen being analyzed by the standard procedure of approval, to both sides of the pond.


The Government of the united States is one of the many complainants against Volkswagen

The time limits are shortened, and missing days

In the united States lack very little to expiry of the extended deadline that a federal judge of the united States gave to Volkswagen to put on top of your table a solution to the more than 600,000 cars that abound in the united States with diesel engines of the VAG Group.

let us Remember that, while Europe itself has given a solution to the problem for the 1.2 TDI, 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI, in the united States do not. The manufacturer has not given a satisfactory solution for the u.s. market, since the EPA has approved nothing. We infer, therefore, that the quick fixes for Europe is not served there, the emission limit is more stringent.

Volkswagen has delayed the publication of economic results of the year 2015, it is not yet known the extent to which you will have the crisis, and it is provisioned with more money to cope with the consequences. The 6,700 million euros budgeted is going to be short, surely. The shareholders ‘ meeting has also been postponed beyond what is normal.


Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen

We are waiting for an internal report of the Volkswagen that will clarify what has happened, who was responsible, and who looked towards the other side. It is assumed that Martin Winterkorn, the head of Volkswagen in his day -who resigned within a few days of getting to know the scandal – although not expressly authorised, it could have ignored warnings that there was something happening, back in 2014.

how Say that report the whole truth? I wouldn’t bet on it

To the end of the day, research is still slow and full of obstacles. Before that comes over to the responsible, we can understand that there are so many people that prefer to have the mouth closed. In the united States you can even pay to people to go to prison. And not all the employees of Volkswagen have a policy of civil liability of hundreds of millions of euros, unlike Winterkorn.

Meanwhile, the first Audi and SEAT begin to be called upon to review in Germany. In terms of the brand Volkswagen, the first have started to correct the emissions of Amarok and Passat. Throughout 2016 should go through the workshops, all those cars, but we still have another question. how Many owners are being called? If it is not clear whether that will raise the consumption, or if they will lose benefits, when in doubt many will not.